Martha Stewart Announces Testing Positive For COVID-19, Will Miss Hosting Gig

Martha Stewart Announces Testing Positive For COVID-19, Will Miss Hosting Gig

Martha Stewart, the successful American businesswoman, will unfortunately not be able to carry out her scheduled hosting duties due to her recent positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

She took to Instagram not long ago to share the saddening news to her fans and assured them she was feeling okay while also expressing her sadness at the turn of events.

Martha Stewart Feels Fine Despite Testing Positive For COVID-19

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The New Jersey-born began her message with, “This evening, I planned to host a garden party at The Plaza on behalf of my favorite skincare line, @mariobadescu.” She continued:

“But I’m sad to report I tested positive for Covid-19. I am feeling fine, but I am sticking to the rules and isolating.”

Stewart further wrote she was “heartbroken” to miss the “celebration of over 50 years of amazing skincare.” At the same time, her brand, The Martha Facial, was scheduled to launch at their New York City flagship.

She explained that that was an exclusive offer of the “facial” she had been getting there for over four decades and concluded her announcement with an applause for what she was certain would be a “fabulous event.” 

The unfortunate change of plans and the COVID diagnosis led fans to send their love to the best-selling author and pray she got better soon.

Several advised her to rest and take care of herself as they noted that she always devoted herself to whatever she did.

Stewart is indeed a committed businesswoman who has opened a restaurant and jointly launched the BIC EZ Reach lighter collections with Snoop Dogg this year.

She also has a new Skechers line of “work shoes, exercise shoes, and even some fancier shoes,” coupled with her helpful CBD products for people and drugs.

Speaking with Woman’s Day a few months ago, the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia founder excitedly talked about working on a “beautiful” skincare line, 86 Elm, crediting it for her lovely skin. She said of the skincare line:

“It’s CBD-infused and very, very beautifully formulated by me and my dermatologist partner, Dr. Bhanusali, a young derm who is such a good chemist.”

Stewart uses the skincare product “all the time” and admitted that her skin was “so good,” possibly due to the use of CBD skincare.

The line was progressing nicely and was scheduled to launch soon after the interview with an initial collection comprising tonic, mask, serum, and night cream.

Other products for hand, body and décolleté were also in the works, all of which the TV personality found “extremely efficacious.”

Regarding the top-rated skin care products she uses, she has had a penchant for Mario Badescu for decades as they have taken good care of her skin and do the best facials in New York.

Additionally, she uses Clé de Peau, which she considered a beauty necessity. She previously did a TikTok campaign with the brand and revealed during the discussion that she put on some of their products.

As for both her morning skincare regimen and makeup procedure, SPF is a beauty must-have, causing her to like Skinceuticals and Clé de Peau makeup products for that reason.

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The most important parts of the octogenarian’s nighttime skincare ritual include using a Clé de Peau face wash to remove all her makeup, then applying the tonic and serums, completing the routine.

She then shared a secret to having good skin, saying, “Don’t take shortcuts. I think that’s the secret to good skin – no shortcuts.”

The “Martha Stewart Living” Author Shares Reason Behind End Of Romance With Anthony Hopkins

Stewart was once romantically involved with famed actor Anthony Hopkins who won a 1992 Oscar for acting as Hannibal Lecter in “The Silence of The Lambs.”

However, The Blast shared that their adorable relationship ended because the “Martha” presenter was scared of being eaten by Hannibal in her home.

Earlier this year, while appearing on an episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Stewart opened up about that time in her past when she could not stop comparing Hopkins to Hannibal.

She admitted that she could not imagine taking the veteran actor to her “big, scary house” in Maine as she could not stop imagining him eating Hannibal’s best meal: his trapped human victims.

The “Martha Stewart Living” host did not share details about her relationship with Hopkins, but she previously told Howard Stern in 2006 that she loved the actor, but he was “scary.”