Marvel Star Jeremy Renner No Longer Considers Acting ‘A Priority’ After Horrific Snow Plow Accident

Marvel Star Jeremy Renner No Longer Considers Acting ‘A Priority’ After Horrific Snow Plow Accident

According to a report, Jeremy Renner no longer considers acting a “priority” after his horrific snow plow accident in January. Renner is currently living in L.A., where he’s focusing on recovering the over 30 broken bones from the accident.

The actor’s mom, Valerie, has been “by his side as much as possible” as he undergoes physical rehabilitation. Renner’s accident happened on New Year’s Day when he was run over by his snow plow while trying to rescue a trapped family member.

Despite his injuries, Renner is still releasing his four-part documentary series, “Rennervations,” in April. The project shows the actor buying and renovating unique vehicles to help various communities worldwide. 

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Acting Is ‘Not A Priority’ For Jeremy Renner Anymore

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A source close to Jeremy Renner has revealed to the Daily Mail that acting is no longer a “priority” after his terrible accident with a snow plow. The source said they’d recently been around Renner and noted that “although he does still love acting, Hollywood is just not a priority to him anymore.”

According to the source, Renner believes “he survived the accident so that he can use his platform to really create change in the world.” The actor, who revealed that he broke over 30 bones after being crushed by his snow plow, is now approaching his recovery and life differently.

The Daily Mail insider added, “He is very proud of the work that he has done, but this entire situation has really shown him that there is so much more that he could be doing to help others.”

Jeremy Renner Is Focusing On Recovery For Now

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Renner is no longer at the Lake Tahoe house where he was injured and is now at his L.A. home to focus on recovering. The extent of his injuries from the accident had left him unable to walk, requiring physical therapy and intense rehabilitation.

Renner’s mom, Valerie, is also reportedly staying with him and has been a “tremendous” support system through the recovery. According to the Daily Mail, Valerie has “been by his side as much as possible” and is there “most weekends, as well as his daughter Ava.” Ava is Renner’s nine-year-old daughter with his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco.

A source for the publication noted, “He is really only focused on his recovery and is doing rehabilitation to learn how to walk again. Jeremy knows he is so lucky to be alive. Each day is a little better than before and he is definitely making progress, but the progress is slow.”

The Snow Plow Accident Happened On New Year’s Day

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Renner’s terrible accident happened on New Year’s Day when he was run over by his 7-ton snow plow at their Lake Tahoe home. The “Avengers: Endgame” actor was helping his nephew move his stuck car from the driveway because of the heavy snow.

Unfortunately, while attempting to help his nephew, the defective snow plow began to move, so he tried to enter it again and steer it off the dangerous path. The actor was then pulled under the heavy vehicle and run over.

A neighbor quickly called 911, worried that Renner would bleed out and die, and in the background of the call, Renner could be heard screaming in pain. The actor was quickly airlifted to a Reno hospital, where doctors listed him in critical condition with multiple broken bones, a collapsed torso, and a crushed chest.

Jeremy Renner Is Releasing His Documentary In April

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Despite the extent of his physical injuries, Renner is still releasing his documentary series on Disney+. The four-part series is titled “Rennervations” and details Renner’s “lifelong passion to give back to communities around the world by reimagining unique purpose-built vehicles to meet a community’s needs.”

In the docuseries trailer, the “Hawkeye” actor joked that his “Avengers” fans thought he was “off the rails” because his new project is such a different venture. He spoke further about the project and said, “I’m buying these decommissioned government vehicles to help reimagine them to serve this community again just in a different way.”