Meghan King Dismisses Protection Orders Against Ex Jim Edmonds, Promises To Be ‘Safe’

Meghan King Dismisses Protection Orders Against Ex Jim Edmonds, Promises To Be ‘Safe’

It seems the legal battle between Meghan King and her ex-husband Jim Edmonds is coming to an end.

The American TV personality recently discarded two orders of protection against her Edmonds while assuring that the end of her protective orders doesn’t mean she would be in harm’s way.

King and Edmonds separated in October 2019 after five years of marriage, though their divorce wasn’t finalized until May 2021.

Meghan King Discards Two Orders Of Protection Against Her Ex-Husband

People Magazine confirmed that the two protection orders initially filed against her ex had been dismissed by King’s attorney. One order was granted against Edmonds, while the other, a child protective order that was requested, was, however, not. 

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Disclosing details concerning the dismissal to the publication, King said, “As I continue to heal, I’ve become enlightened and more aware of what I’ve been through and how to handle it. Let’s just say I’ll remain protected and safe with a binding document not accessible to the public.”

Also, following the dismissal, Edmonds’ representative Steve Honig expressed his thoughts about the protective orders.

“Jim is looking forward to putting all this nonsense behind him as he begins his new life with Kortnie and continues to focus on the needs of his children,” the statement read, making reference to Edmonds’ fiancée Kortnie O’Connor.

Honig continued, “There was no threat, which is why Meghan did not need any orders of protection.”

The reality star previously filed for a temporary restraining order against Edmonds alleging verbal abuse and the order was granted.

Meghan King Gets Restraining Order Against Ex Jim Edmonds

As The Blast previously reported, the “Real Housewives of Orange County” alum obtained a temporary restraining order against the former baseball player in St. Louis County, Missouri, and it was given.


Through procured documents, the reality star claimed that the American baseball player subjected her to constant and consistent verbal abuse.

She divulged that the abuse came in the form of texts, on the Family Wizard parenting app, and oftentimes through Edmonds’ attorney, retracting their agreed terms of the parenting plan “regarding conduct towards” each other.

The documents also claimed that the former Chicago Cubs player reckoned “his ‘celebrity’ status in this city” could allow him to “ignore previous court orders, the parenting plan, and the parent coordinator, without consequence,” and that he “shielded” the situation “by sealed files and private hearing.”

This restraining order comes in months after Edmonds called out King for lying about their son’s condition on social media. The 37-year old “Bravo” star, in an Instagram update, revealed to her fans that one of their twin sons, Hart, was suffering from Cerebral Palsy.

King explained in the post that the 4-year-old was struggling with potty training and learning other skills as a result of his condition.  

To this, the retired athlete blasted the single mother for lying about their son’s condition, saying she missed the point. 

The ‘RHOC’ Alum Talks About Relationships And Her Own Sexuality Spectrum

Earlier this week, King, who has had three failed marriages, opened up about her decision to keep her relationships off the media henceforth. According to her, she doesn’t want to be measured by them. 

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She shared her new resolution during an appearance on “The Tamron Hall Show,” saying, “I’m done putting relationships on social media. I don’t want to be defined by them. You Google my name, and you see all these relationships. I’m done with that. I think, most of the time when I date, my life intimidates people.”

When asked if she is presently in any relationship, King said she was, but she wasn’t going into detail about it. “That’s why I’m doing the podcast, to talk about it. But no names will be named,” she said. 

Lately, King relaunched her podcast, “Intimate Knowledge,” after more than a year-long intermission. In an episode with Nev Schulman, the duo conversed about relationships. 

The conversation began with them revealing that they both went on a date in the past, but unfortunately, there was no spark as of then. The chat then shifted to open relationships and ethical non-monogamy. Here, the podcast owner mentioned that her upbringing may have played a role in determining her present dating life.

“It’s interesting because the way that I grew up was very traditional – all the way through, I went to Catholic school,” she told Schulman. “But I’ve hooked up with women, and I’m not a lesbian. I must be somewhere on the gay spectrum. I mean, we all are, everyone is.”