Michael Allio Officially Confirms Breakup From Danielle Maltby

Michael Allio Officially Confirms Breakup From Danielle Maltby

Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby fell in love during this past season of “Bachelor In Paradise.”

Unfortunately, the two have decided to call it quits as Allio has just confirmed their split on a recent podcast appearance.

Michael Allio Dishes On Split From Danielle Maltby

Danielle Maltby and Michael AllioInstagram | Michael Allio

Michael Allio confirmed the news that many speculated — that he and Danielle Maltby are no longer together. The “Bachelor In Paradise” alum admitted that they had love for each other, but ultimately were not compatible.

“I guess I’ll just come out with it. We’re not together anymore,” Allio said on he Trading Secrets podcast. “Yeah it’s really, it’s not what we planned. We both threw a lot into this relationship and it’s really awful when it doesn’t work out. Again, like what we were talking about before you make your plan, you see your future, you start working towards it.”

“And then, when things don’t work out, when you realize that, love is there, but you’re not necessarily compatible,” he added. “You mourn the loss, not of just that person and that friend in your life, but also the future that you had envisioned. And it’s to no fault of hers.”

Allio went on to explain how he still cares and respects Maltby, even explaining how much effort she put into the relationship. “She poured everything into this. And, I’ve got, I just have so much admiration. Yeah, and I guess that’s it, you know right now,” he continued. “We’re still you know working through some things and trying to stay close. Yeah, but yeah last couple months have been really tough.”

Michael Allio On Moving Forward

Michael Allio on Bachelor In ParadiseInstagram | Michael Allio

Allio then went on to say how starting over is scary, but necessary for moving forward. “Starting over again, it is always frightening. It’s really frightening, but it’s a part of it,” he said. “I know that time will heal because I’ve felt that before, but it doesn’t make it any less difficult.”

Michael Allio was first introduced to”The Bachelor” franchise after he appeared on Katie Thurston’s season of “The Bachelorette”. His devoted relationship to his young son was one of the things that stood out with Allio, especially when he explained that his son’s mother had lost her life to breast cancer a few years ago.

Earlier this year, in January, Allio posted an emotional tribute to his late wife. “It’s been four years since Laura passed and I’ve been staring at my computer for the last two hours trying to think of the right words for how I’d like to honor Her on this special day,” he began before adding, “Except my body is paralyzed… my mind adrift… as I sit idle… aimlessly staring at the frozen, snowy ground outside my office window. Confusion sets in, as sixteen years of memories and a lifetime worth of “what ifs” flash before my eyes like a blinding strobe light set in the darkest of rooms. It hurts to remember, but instead of looking away, today, I’m forced to look within.”

The lengthy Instagram post concluded with, “James and I miss you so much darling. I hope you’re proud of me because none of this has been easy without you. I know one day we’ll see you again, but until then… enjoy the show.”