Michael Oher Allegedly Tried To Extort The Tuohys, Claimed He Was ‘Robbed Of $50 Million’

Michael Oher Allegedly Tried To Extort The Tuohys, Claimed He Was ‘Robbed Of $50 Million’

NFL star Michael Oher‘s adoptive parents claim the football player attempted to extort them for millions, claiming he would go media with nasty allegations.

According to new legal documents obtained by The Blast, the Tuohy family claims that the former NFL player threatened to go public with the information that he had been under a conservatorship and was never adopted.

The Tuohys’ statement comes after Oher slammed them with allegations that he never received a penny for the Oscar award-winning movie, “The Blind Side,” which was based on his true-life story. The Tuohys have since claimed that Oher was paid $138K from the proceeds of the film.

Michael Oher Allegedly Tried To Extort The Tuohy Family

Michael Oher Seeks To End Conservatorship After Learning He Was NEVER Adopted By The TuohysInstagram | Michael Oher

The Tuohys are firing back at Oher, branding his approach to retrieving alleged money owed to him as extortion. A recent legal filing by the family shows that Oher sent several text messages to the Tuohys claiming that he was robbed of as much as $50 million.

Oher allegedly texted, “Before I moved in I was an All-American, do better guys.” He then added, “I was robbed of $50 million+, 10 million is my final offer.” The document also claims that Oher threatened to share his “complaint” with a news outlet if his demands were not met.

In another alleged text exchange, Oher gave the family a “deadline” if they failed to pay him the money he requested.

Michael Oher Seeks To End Conservatorship After Learning He Was NEVER Adopted By The TuohysInstagram | Michael Oher

The text message read, “If something isn’t resolved this Friday, I’m going to go ahead and tell the world how I was robbed by my suppose to be [sic] parents. That’s the deadline.” He added, “Think how it will look when this comes out.”

Another alleged text from the former athlete read, “That fun [sic] coming to an end soon. I can’t wait to file this paper work [sic].”

There were several other text exchanges between Oher and the Tuohys, with one showing the 37-year-old slamming the family for rejecting his offer. The message read, “It was 10 million, now I want 15 after taxes.”

The Former NFL Player Was Allegedly Paid For ‘The Blind Side’

In a previous filing, the Tuohys claimed that Oher received money from the proceeds of “The Blind Side” movie.

As previously reported by The Blast, Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, along with Oher and their two kids, allegedly agreed to split the money five ways, with each of them taking $138k.

In his initial filing, Oher claimed that he had received nothing from the Academy Award-winning film starring actress Sandra Bullock.

The Tuohys also claimed in the legal document that “they have never received any money as conservators” on behalf of Oher and “further never had control over any funds or any dealings on behalf of Mr. Oher during the entire term of the conservatorship.”

Oher has since responded to the Tuohys’ claims that he was paid $138k for “The Blind Side,” calling their documents “contradictory, confusing, false in material ways, and wholly inadequate to account for the assets of (his) estate.”

The Tuohys Reveal Why They Sought Conservatorship Of Michael Oher

Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy maintain they never cheated Michael OherInstagram | Leigh Anne Touhy

In the legal document obtained by The Blast, the Tuohy family shared their reason for seeking to place Oher under a conservatorship.

Sean and Leigh Anne noted that Oher began living with them permanently in January 2004, after previously “periodically” staying at their place from the beginning of fall 2003.

On the issue of his conservatorship, they said, “The conservatorship was a vehicle which would allow Michael Oher to consider going to the University of Mississippi on a football scholarship.”

The couple added, “Absent a conservatorship or some other relationship, due to our standings as friends of the University, and/or boosters, Michael would have been ineligible to play college football had he chosen to go to the University of Mississippi.”

In September, a month after Oher sued the Tuohys, a Tennessee judge signed an order to officially end Sean and Leigh Anne’s conservatorship over the former NFL player.

The case is ongoing.