Michael Strahan Reveals His Most Important Job Hosting The $100,000 Pyramid

Michael Strahan Reveals His Most Important Job Hosting The $100,000 Pyramid

ABC is bringing back The $100,000 Pyramid for Season 7 this week, and once again fans will see Michael Strahan guiding celebrities and their contestant partners through a high-stakes guessing game where there's always a chance to win some big cash. It's a fast-paced show filled with comedians miming and yelling with their teammates, while trying to guess secret words. Which had me wondering, what does Strahan view as his biggest duty as host throughout all this? 

Michael Strahan was kind enough to take some time to talk to CinemaBlend ahead of the return of America's favorite financial structure game, The $100,000 Pyramid, and to discuss the most important job he has during filming. Unlike Strahan's former job at Good Morning America, Fox NFL Sunday, or his shorter-than-expected stint with Kelly Ripa on Live!, he has come to realize that his most important role in the game show realm is not to interject himself too much: 

Staying out of the way. I'll be honest with you. Setting it up, saying my comments, and doing whatever I need to do. But moving out of the way so the game plays itself. The contestants and the celebrities, if there's any humor in it, they're gonna make it just by trying to sync up with each other. And I don't care how ultra-competitive you are, it's still just fun to watch because there's always some laughs or some things involved. So, my job is really just kind of to be the driver. To just drive you where you wanna go. But then you just take it from there, stay out of the way. Very important.

Michael Strahan wouldn't be celebrating more than a decade as a television host across various hit programs if he wasn't an entertaining individual who earned his time in the spotlight. When it comes to The $100,000 Pyramid, however, it's more about letting the other celebrities and contestants make the comedy happen. This is why Strahan defers to some of his favorite celebrities like Jason Alexander rather than trying to do something more elaborate and time-consuming on camera, such as convincing the world into thinking he filled his iconic tooth gap. That's not what this kind of host is best for. 

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Michael Strahan on $100,000 Pyramid

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This is so cute. 

The $100,000 Pyramid will continue to bring in many awesome celebrities to keep things entertaining in Season 7, andto  ensure Michael Strahan can continue to "steer the ship" while they have us in stitches with their funny moments. Celebrities teased for this season include Tiffany Haddish, Wayne Brady, Rosie O’Donnell, Lisa Ann Walter, Tip “T.I.” Harris, Jordin Sparks, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Josh Peck, Lauren Ash, and Joel Kim Booster. It's also said that more will be added, so keep an eye peeled for who might appear and try to guess some words. I have my fingers crossed that it could be Tom Brady so I could see him and Strahan trade jabs back and forth years after their Super Bowl matchup. 

ABC is leaning into game shows for fall programming as The $100,000 Pyramid will join Celebrity Jeopardy! and Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune for a Wednesday primetime full of games. All three are the perfect types of shows that families can sit at home and play along with, so I have little doubt any of these shows will have trouble finding an audience come premiere time. I know that I, for one, will be glued to the television.

Catch the premiere of The $100,000 Pyramid on ABC on Wednesday, September 27th at 10:00 p.m. ET. It's one of many shows popping up on the 2023 fall schedule, so those in need of some quality television to watch during this lull in programming should check it out and figure out their primetime viewing for the coming months.