‘Mike Tyson Is A Killer’: Jake Paul Got Asked If He’ll Take It Easy On The Aging Boxer And Did Not Hold Back

‘Mike Tyson Is A Killer’: Jake Paul Got Asked If He’ll Take It Easy On The Aging Boxer And Did Not Hold Back

Jake Paul started out trolling Mike Tyson when their boxing match was first announced, but it seems he's getting more serious as we inch closer to watching their battle with a Netflix subscription. Much has been said about "The Problem Child" taking on someone 30 years older than him, but he's not underestimating his opponent. Paul was recently asked if he'd "take it easy" on Iron Mike, and he did not hold back with his comments. 

The fighter had a chance to speak to TMZ about the bout and moving up to heavyweight ahead of battling Mike Tyson. During the interview, it was brought up that Tyson is only a few years off from being 60 and technically a senior citizen. Despite that, Jake Paul made it clear whether or not he'll be easy on the fighter when they throw hands this summer: 

Absolutely not. Because if he has the opportunity to do the same [take the shot] you know damn well he’s going to finish me in embarrassing fashion. So I have to reciprocate that same energy. Mike Tyson is a killer. He’s ruthless. He’s the most vicious champion ever. I have to channel that Mike Tyson energy to finish him. The legend must fall.

Tyson is a "killer," and while he may be close to 60, his fight training videos show a man who is still a muscular machine. Jake Paul understands that he can't underestimate the boxing legend for a second because while going all-out and beating someone much older than him might be a bad look, losing to him would be worse. As KSI said, this is a lose-lose situation for the young fighter

Jake Paul is training, which means putting on extra weight to match his opponent's power in the ring. Tyson has made some wild comments about Paul in interviews, but it seems one comment is sticking with him more than others. The fighter was called "fat" amidst his weight gain, but he feels confident he'll look like a "true heavyweight" come the fight's premiere on the 2024 TV schedule:  

Mike Tyson has called me ‘fat,’ but I believe the fat will be turned to muscle. Come fight night, I believe I will be able to move and dance around the ring like a true heavyweight.

There's no shortage of people sharing their opinions on Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul. Even big names in combat sports, like UFC's Dana White, don't necessarily like that the fight is happening, but they understand that the money and level of interest from the general public is there. 

People may have predictions, but at the end of the day, they want to see if the young boxer will overcome a legend or vice versa. Personally, I think Mike Tyson pushing for shorter rounds was a great strategic move on his end to help conserve energy, and that may end up being the difference maker in him winning the fight. In any case, I know I've already marked my calendar for the big night, and I'm sure other readers have done the same. 

For those that haven't, make a note now not to make plans for Saturday, July 20th, because Netflix will be streaming Tyson vs. Paul live. In the meantime, CinemaBlend will continue to track updates as we get closer to fight night, so continue to check in for the latest!