Model Accused Of Being Diddy's Sex Worker Got Asked About The Allegations And Did Not Hold Back

Model Accused Of Being Diddy's Sex Worker Got Asked About The Allegations And Did Not Hold Back

Some serious allegations have been lodged against famed record executive Diddy (aka Sean Combs, who has undergone several name changes over the years) via multiple lawsuits, including rape and sex trafficking. However, the rapper isn’t the only one affected by the ongoing investigation. After it was reported that Jennifer Lopez might get roped into the drama, another of Diddy’s former flames has spoken out to defend herself against claims that she was one of several women “paid to work as Mr. Combs’ sex workers.”

Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones is one of the people who has filed a lawsuit against Diddy since late 2023, and in addition to alleging repeated sexual assaults, Jones made claims about the 1999 club shooting that the rapper and then-girlfriend JLo were involved in, as well as said Diddy paid a monthly fee to model Jade Ramey and other women for sex work. Through her publicist Eve Sarkisyan, Ramey disputed this, telling ET

Yes, I dated someone. Dating someone doesn't directly correlate to any of the false allegations made. How unfortunate we've entered a time where caring for someone or falling in love is worthy of scrutiny in the court of public opinion. What may be amusing for you is real life for others, and my feelings have never been for entertainment, nor are they up for discussion.

Diddy and Jade Ramey were first linked in late 2022, and she rejected the notion that their relationship could be described in the way that Rodney Jones did in his $30 million lawsuit. The Instagram model added: 

We need to be more conscious as a society when ridiculing people’s lives and relationships merely for enjoyment. I appreciate everyone’s kind messages and support during this time. Thank you.

According to the court filing, Rodney Jones also named Yung Miami and Daphne Joy as others who Diddy paid for sex work. The music mogul has emphatically denied all of the accusations made against him in the lawsuits, which led to his homes in Miami and Los Angeles being raided by the Department of Homeland Security. 

People who have crossed paths with Sean Combs have also begun sharing their experiences, with former Extra host and backup dancer Tanika Ray alluding to her own “horrific” experience and saying she learned to “avoid him at all costs.” An old Howard Stern interview with Usher has also resurfaced in which the singer hinted at the “wild” and “very curious” things he’d seen while living with Diddy when he was younger.

The record producer’s legal troubles started in November 2023, when Diddy's former longtime girlfriend Cassie Ventura sued him, claiming he had raped her over the course of their relationship. Within 24 hours the two had reached a settlement to end the lawsuit “amicably,” according to Diddy; however, three more women then came forward with a litany of allegations, as well as Rodney Jones. Investigations into those suits are ongoing. Diddy has not been charged with any crimes.