Nvidia GTC attendees get an exclusive look at Microsoft’s AI tech

Nvidia GTC attendees get an exclusive look at Microsoft’s AI tech

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Developers, researchers and thought leaders will come together March 20 – 23 at NVIDIA GTC, a free online global technology event, to learn the latest in AI and hear from global leaders.

Microsoft’s Azure AI supercomputing infrastructure is at the heart of some of the industry’s most advanced AI solutions. From data preparation to model and infrastructure performance management, Azure’s comprehensive portfolio of powerful and massively scalable GPU-accelerated virtual machines (VMs) and seamless integration with services like Azure Batch and open-source solutions helps streamline management and automation of large AI models and infrastructure.

Join Microsoft at NVIDIA GTC to learn how Azure AI infrastructure, purpose-built for AI, delivers speed and scale in the cloud and removes barriers to AI by cutting the complexity of building, training and deploying AI models.

Microsoft sessions at NVIDIA GTC

Make sure to add the below Microsoft sessions at GTC to your conference schedule to learn about the latest Azure AI infrastructure and dive deep into a variety of use cases and technologies.

Accelerate AI Innovation with Unmatched Cloud Scale and Performance

Thursday, March 23 | 7:00 – 7:50 AM

  • Nidhi Chappell, General Manager, Azure HPC, AI, SAP and Confidential Computing
  • Kathleen Mitford, Corporate Vice President, Azure Marketing, Microsoft
  • Manuvir Das, Vice President of Enterprise Computing, NVIDIA
  • Alex Kendall, CEO and Co-Founder, Wayve Technologies

Azure’s purpose-built AI infrastructure is enabling leading organizations in AI to build a new era of innovative applications and services. The convergence of cloud flexibility and economics, with advances in cloud performance, is paving the way to accelerate AI initiatives across simulations, science and industry. Whether you need to scale to 80,000 cores for MPI workloads, or you’re looking for AI supercomputing capabilities, Azure can support your needs. Learn more about the Azure AI platform, latest updates and hear about customer experiences.

Azure’s Purpose-Built AI Infrastructure using the latest NVIDIA GPU accelerators

On Demand

  • Matt Vegas

Microsoft offers some of the most powerful and massively scalable Virtual Machines, optimized for AI workloads. Get an in-depth look at the latest updates for Azure’s ND series based on NVIDIA GPUs, engineered to deliver a combination of high-performance, interconnected GPUs, working in parallel, that can help you reduce complexity, minimize operational bottlenecks operations and can deliver reliability at scale. 

Talks and panels

Session IDSession TitlePrimary Topic
S51226Accelerating Large Language Models via Low-Bit QuantizationDeep Learning – Inference
S51204Transforming Clouds to Cloud-Native Supercomputing: Best Practices with Microsoft AzureHPC – Supercomputing
S51756Accelerating AI in Federal Cloud EnvironmentsData Center / Cloud – Business Strategy
S51703Accelerating Disentangled Attention Mechanism in Language ModelsConversational AI / NLP
S51422SwinTransformer and its Training AccelerationDeep Learning – Training+
S51260Multimodal Deep Learning for Protein EngineeringHealthcare – Drug Discovery
S51945Improving Dense Text Retrieval Accuracy with Approximate Nearest Neighbor SearchData Science
S51709Hopper Confidential Computing: How it Works under the HoodData Center / Cloud Infrastructure – Technical
S51447Data-Driven Approaches to Language DiversityConversational AI / NLP
S51756aAccelerating AI in Federal Cloud Environments, with Q&A from EMEA RegionData Center / Cloud – Business Strategy
S51589Accelerating Wind Energy Forecasts with AceCastHPC – Climate / Weather / Ocean Modeling
S51278Next-Generation AI for Improving Building Security and SafetyComputer Vision – AI Video Analytics

Deep Learning Institute Workshops and Labs at NVIDIA GTC

Microsoft will also be the host of NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute (DLI) training at NVIDIA GTC. Instructor-led workshops and two-hour free training labs get attendees up to speed on the latest technology and breakthroughs. Each session is hosted on Microsoft Azure, demonstrating how NVIDIA GPUs on the Azure platform are being used to solve the world’s most interesting and relevant problems. Register for a Deep Learning Institute workshop or lab.

Learn more about Microsoft Azure

Discover how Microsoft Azure is empowering companies worldwide to push the boundaries of AI innovation.

Make AI Your Reality | Microsoft and NVIDIA

Azure AI Platform 

The case for AI in the Azure Cloud

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