Outer Banks Celebrated Wrapping Season 4 With A Hilarious Video, And Now I'm Even More ‘Stoked’ About What's To Come

Outer Banks Celebrated Wrapping Season 4 With A Hilarious Video, And Now I'm Even More ‘Stoked’ About What's To Come

We’re getting closer and closer to Outer BanksSeason 4 premiere on the 2024 TV schedule, and we just took a leap forward recently when the cast announced that they had wrapped on their senior season. Personally, I was already thrilled about this upcoming episodes. However, this hilarious video from the OBX cast has me even more "stoked" about what’s to come for a very specific reason.

Outer Banks Has Officially Wrapped Season 4

To celebrate the fact that they finished filming, Chase Stokes (AKA our boy John B.) and the Pogues hopped on Instagram to tell the fans that they’re hard at work on post-production (which obviously, the cast are not the people actually doing the editing or other post-work). It’s a silly little video from the beloved ensemble, and you can see it for yourself here:

Some highlights from the video that had me laughing out loud were Madison Bailey (who plays Kiara) getting bleeped over a spoiler, the man behind Pope, Jonathan Daviss, showing off his editing skills (which resembled that of an early 2000s music video), and Madelyn Cline (Sarah) holding up the boom mic for Carlacia Grant (Cleo) so they could “record the OBX sound effects.” However, the moment that sent me over the edge was Grant giving her “best ocean sound.”

Truly, this cast was firing on all cylinders, and the video didn’t just crack me up, it highlighted this group's wonderful chemistry and made me so excited for Season 4!

The Cast’s Chemistry And Humor Make Me So Excited To Return To The Outer Banks

Much like our first look at OBX4, this video brought a new vibe to the beloved Netflix show. At the end of Outer Banks Season 3, we turned the page to a new chapter, and now the Pogues aren’t teens cluelessly running around trying to solve a mystery. They are hired treasure hunters; in theory, they shouldn’t be running for their lives as much, and they should have more fun.

In the final moments of the last finale, John B. and co. had a job proposed to them that would involve them hunting treasure related to Blackbeard. Considering they aren’t doing this for survival, and they’re experienced in the field, it feels like there’s more room for fun this season, and that’s what this video teased to me.

Of course, I fully expect John B. to almost die many times during the new season -- this is still the action-packed Outer Banks. However, I love the idea of seeing these characters growing up and being in a position where they can lean into their chemistry and shared sense of humor.

If they’re able to bring the silly chaotic energy from that wrap video into Season 4, I’ll be a happy camper!

Truly, the OBX cast has incredible chemistry, and my favorite moments are when they are all together having a good time while finding treasure. Their funny video gave us a taste of that, and hopefully, when Season 4 comes out later this year we’ll get even more of it!

While we don’t know exactly when Outer Banks Season 4 will come out, we are aware of the fact that it’ll drop sometime toward the end of the year. As the wait continues, you can return to the OBX by streaming the first three seasons with a Netflix subscription.