Palm Beach sugar heir Alexander ‘Nico’ Fanjul hits swanky rehab following domestic violence arrest

Palm Beach sugar heir Alexander ‘Nico’ Fanjul hits swanky rehab following domestic violence arrest

Not-so-sweet Palm Beach sugar heir Alexander “Nico” Fanjul headed off to a swanky rehab following his February arrest for domestic violence — including allegations of strangulation and robbery, Page Six is told.

Fanjul — whose billionaire family controls sugar and real estate conglomerates in the US and the Dominican Republic — went to luxury rehab All Points North in Edwards, Colo., in Vail Valley in March, a source tells Page Six.

A source tells us the sugar heir spent time in Colorado.

Noah Nordheimer, the CEO of All Points North, told Page Six in a statement when we reached out: “In accordance with applicable privacy laws and stringent privacy policies we adhere to, All Points North (APN) always refrains from disclosing the status of anyone’s association with our facilities.”

The ritzy rehab offers trauma and addiction therapy, as well as help for mental health struggles.

But a source tells us Fanjul spent “most of his time skiing” down the nearby slopes while in Colorado.

Along with its rehab programs, the spot’s site says you can: “Hit the slopes for some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the country at Beaver Creek Arrowhead… There’s nothing like a fresh snow and open slopes in Colorado!”

Skiing comes at an additional cost, and is available for, “Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Clients Only,” the site further states.

Snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice skating and cross country skiing are also available.

Fanjul’s family is in the sugar and real estate businesses. PALM BEACH POLICE DEPARTMENT

The spot tells us that skiing, as well as other such activities, are part of “experiential therapy.” 

“Clients who do attend APN for intensive treatment are held to their commitment to do significant amounts of therapy work and therapeutic support activities — generally totaling over 40 hours per week in a combination of group therapy, individual therapy, experiential therapy (which can include outdoor activities like equine therapy, golfing, hiking, and skiing), process groups, psychoeducation, and skills development,” said the statement. 

The facility says the place isn’t just for a “mountain vacation or a simple self-care retreat,” but that it requires clients to work on their mental health.

“Clients at APN are working on their recovery full-time,” the statement continued. “Though our campus is certainly located in a beautiful environment, one that we believe is supportive to healing, treatment at APN Lodge is a not a mountain vacation or a simple self-care retreat. It’s a 30-90 day journey to mental health and recovery through deep personal work in an evidence-based, personalized program that has consistently earned APN recognition for client outcomes in the top 5% of treatment outcomes nationwide.”

Fanjul was arrested for an incident after he and a woman dined at a Palm Beach steakhouse. Sherry McKay Gray/Facebook

The facility also features a hot tub, yoga room and spa.

Reality TV star Scott Disick reportedly sought treatment there in 2020.

After attempting to reach Fanjul’s lawyer several times they told us they do not “comment on pending cases.” 

On March 28 a judge for the Circuit Court for the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit in Palm Beach, Fla., granted Fanjul permission to continue getting treatment out of state under the condition he continue to be tested for drugs.

Fanjul now seems to have traveled to Idaho to continue treatment. Court documents allow him permission to “temporarily reside in Sun Valley, Idaho, and continue his outpatient treatment with All Points North (APN) Telehealth program.”

“As part of this program, the Defendant shall participate and comply with the drug/alcohol testing
requests, including two (2) times per week random instant saliva toxicology screen test, daily
random breathalyzer monitoring testing, and random urine testing two (2) times per week,” read the court papers.

According to the Palm Beach Post, which was first to report the arrest, the sugar heir was released on $180,000 bail.

He also faced domestic violence accusations from his ex-girlfriend Tinsley Mortimer. Palm Beach Police Department

His attorney told the publication that his client denied the allegations, which included Felony Domestic Battery for Strangulation, False Imprisonment, Robbery, Tampering with or Harassing Victim, Criminal Mischief, and possession of cocaine.

The February arrest — made after an unidentified woman told local police she had been physically assaulted by Fanjul, and “thought she was going to die” — marks the latest abuse allegation against the scion by a woman.

He was also arrested in April 2023 after his girlfriend at the time called authorities claiming the sugar heir “tackled her to the ground.” 

It is unclear whether charges were ever filed in connection with that arrest. Fanjul’s team has not commented.

Mortimer was arrested for trespassing when trying to retrieve her bag from his home. The charges were dropped. Palm Beach County Sheriff via Ge

He previously faced domestic violence accusations a decade ago from an ex-girlfriend — the famed socialite and “Real Housewives of New York” star Tinsley Mortimer.

Fanjul’s family denied the allegations to Page Six at the time.

According to a past report by People: “In 2013, Mortimer was hospitalized for a head injury and two police reports from June 2014 revealed further altercations between the couple in which Fanjul allegedly smothered Mortimer with a pillow and pushed her head to the pavement, according to the police report.”

It is unclear if charges were filed.

Mortimer later went on to star in “The Real Housewives of New York City.” tinsleymortimer/Instagram

Police were also called for domestic violence to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., on Mortimer’s birthday in 2014.

She did not press charges.

In 2016, Mortimer was arrested for trespassing on Fanjul’s property. The charges were dismissed.

“Once you’re caught up in that sort of cycle, it’s really hard to break out of it. I definitely was not myself during that time and it wasn’t until the arrest that I was able to break free from it — the cycle was broken, thank God,” Mortimer told UK outlet the Daily Mail in 2017