Patrick Stewart Is Being Dodgy Again About Professor X Returning To The MCU, Which Has Me Even More Excited For Deadpool 3

Patrick Stewart Is Being Dodgy Again About Professor X Returning To The MCU, Which Has Me Even More Excited For Deadpool 3

The MCU is always expanding, thanks to theatrical releases as well as shows that are available with a Disney+ subscription. Fans are eager for the upcoming Marvel movies heading to theaters, and are curious about which beloved characters might pop up in various projects. And Patrick Stewart being dodgy again about Professor X returning to the MCU has me even more excited for what’s coming in Deadpool 3.

What we know about Deadpool 3 is limited, but there are a number of rumors swirling about what might be coming in Shawn Levy’s forthcoming threequel. There’s particular chatter about the cast of Deadpool 3, with fans hoping to see a number of characters from X-Men lore return. That includes Patrick Stewart, who appeared as Professor X in Doctor Strange 2. A clip of the actor is swirling around Twitter, where he was asked about possibly reprising his role in another MCU project. Stewart responded coyly, saying: 

I cannot put it to rest because it’s not a fact, either for or against. It is a possibility. Hugh Jackman and I looked upon Logan as being our farewell. Given that I died in that film, although I’ve been told I’ve actually died several times already. Know that and you could get lucky.

Well, I’m intrigued. Stewart surely doesn’t seem against the idea of playing Charles Xavier in another movie, despite the ending of Logan. Whether that’s going to be in Deadpool 3, Avengers: Secret Wars, or another movie remains to be seen. 

Patrick Stewart’s comments are sure to thrill MCU fans who are curious about what Kevin Feige and company have up their sleeves for the future. Fans who have spent years watching the Marvel movies in order have not so patiently been waiting for the X-Men to join the fun, after they were noticeably absent throughout the first three phases. But the door finally opened up when Disney acquired 20th Century Fox and its properties. 

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Since then, the MCU has been methodically referencing mutants here and there, presumably leading up to a full-fledged X-Men movie. The finale of Ms. Marvel revealed she was a mutant, and Professor X had a small but memorable appearance in an alternate universe during Doctor Strange 2. And yes, he was coy about that return last time as well. The next movie hitting theaters is Deadpool 3, and Hugh Jackman is returning as Wolverine. But whether or not Patrick Stewart joins him remains to be seen. 

The latest mutant tease that hit the shared universe came with The Marvels’ credits sequence. In that scene Monica Rambeau wakes up in an alternate universe, one that’s occupied by the X-Men. That includes Kelsey Grammer’s Beast, who appeared in his full blue glory.

Some of our questions will be answered when Deadpool 3 hits theaters on July 26th. In the meantime, check out the 2024 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.