Perez Hilton Slammed For Dragging Kyle Marisa Roth After Her Death

Perez Hilton Slammed For Dragging Kyle Marisa Roth After Her Death

In what many people would consider normal fashion, the celebrity blogger and media personality is showing his dark side online yet again. Not long after it was revealed that popular TikTok creator Kyle Marisa Roth had passed away, Hilton is voicing his opinion about her and fans are infuriated.

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Perez Hilton Didn't Hold Back When Talking About Deceased TikTok Creator Kyle Marisa Roth

Perez HiltonTikTok | Seven.official.sister

In a video recently shared on TikTok by a creator who goes by @seven.official.sister, Hilton shared his thoughts on Roth who was well known for her celebrity gossip videos on TikTok.

"Sad. Especially for her family," he said as he began talking about Roth who passed away suddenly last week.

"I try to be very, um, sensitive about these things. However, you know, we can only speculate, so even speculating, I think would normally be bad but Kyle Marisa Roth was this creator who had a big following on TikTok, and all she did was speculate."

He then said that he "was not a fan" and he's not going to be "hypocritical" because it's sad that she died at just 36 years old. But he "did not like what she did" nor "respect what she did."

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And He Didn't Stop There

Perez HiltonMEGA

Hilton said that all Roth did was "read blind items," minimizing her role as a popular content creator.

"All that she would do was read blind items that she didn't even write herself," he continued adamantly. "And she got hundreds of thousands of followers. I don't get that."

Hilton also said he's not a fan of "blind items" because "most of them are BS."

"Especially the ones that she was reading," he said. "Like her go-to was this one website, this guy 'Crazy Days and Nights', full of BS."

He then explained exactly what a "blind item" is for anyone unaware. It's when you don't say the name of the person you're talking about and use more general terms like "this A-lister" or "this famous musician."

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Perez Hilton Continued To Criticize Kyle Marisa Roth

Perez HiltonMEGA

From that unnecessary rant, Hilton switched it up slightly to comment on her young age and say he feels bad for her family. But then instantly went back to criticizing Roth.

"Just about a month ago though, I shared a video of Kyle Marisa where she was talking about the most ridiculous things," he continued. "The most ridiculous conspiracy theories about Princess Catherine and Prince William, like, and Rose Hamby."

He continued with his mean-spirited rant about something Roth said about Prince William that Hilton didn't like before jumping back to discussing her death and what her family said about it.

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"Her family has said that they don't know a cause of death, which that's where the speculation comes in, right?" he said. "She's 36 years old. If she had been battling depression, I would like to think her family was aware of that."

So right there, he's doing the same exact thing he said he didn't like about her: speculating!

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And He Didn't Stop Speculating...

Perez HiltonMEGA

He then said if she was battling something else, such as anorexia, he would assume that her family was aware of it. And his "speculation" didn't stop there...

"She might have been battling addiction and kept that hidden from them. A normal 36-year-old doesn't die," he said. "So my brain goes to those three things, and did she keep it all hidden from her family?"

He then repeated the assumptions he was making, asking if she died from an overdose, anorexia, or "take her own life."

He shockingly concluded his video with a stern, "That's that. Okay. Alright."

Viewers Were Not Happy With What They Were Hearing!

The video shared on TikTok was captioned, "This was NOT necessary! And highly disrespectful. Grow up!!" and all comments stayed with that vibe.

"PEREZ YOU COULD've SAID NOTHING!! Because a lot of people FEEL THE SAME ABOUT YA CONTENT," one person passionately wrote in the comment section.

Another person added a simple, "Perez is evil and narcissistic."

One other viewer shared, "Perez you have NO RIGHT TO SPECULATE on the tragic passing of Kyle! Have you no compassion or decency?! This is so low."

One viewer wanted to remind everyone what Hilton was like many years ago. "That POS was an absolute horrible person in the 80s-90s. What makes him think anything HE did back then was anything different he “speculated” A LOT many people are not a 'fan' of his either. What an a--."

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Another person also had something to say about Hilton's past. "Interesting judgment considering your past. Did you completely black out to what you were like back in the day ‘cause a lot of us haven’t. I know you have changed but, dude, you were evil to so many."