Pete Davidson Reveals Megan Fox’s Reaction To His Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts Role

Pete Davidson Reveals Megan Fox’s Reaction To His Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts Role

When the Transformers movies came out it was a big deal for fans who had grown up with the characters in the various animated series that had been produced in the ‘80s and ‘90s. By now, there are people who have actually come of age watching the franchise on the big screen, so becoming part of that series has to be equally amazing. Pete Davidson is thrilled to be in the cast of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, but franchise alum Megan Fox and boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly are apparently equally thrilled. 

Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly have been good friends for years, so, of course, he told his buddy about becoming a Transformer, and apparently, former Transformers star Megan Fox, thought it was just as cool that Davidson was playing Mirage in the new movie. Davidson told ET

When I told Colson and Megan, they laughed, they were like, 'That's sick.' They were really stoked. It's really exciting, man. And Steven did a great job, and it's -- it's Transformers.

It’s clear from listening to Pete Davidson talk that he is incredibly excited to be part of the Transformers franchise. He admits to having watched all the previous films and certainly back when the first one came out, half his life ago, there was no way to know that he would one day get to voice a character in it. 

Even if you’re not a massive Transformers movie fan yourself, you can appreciate what it must be like for somebody who is to get this chance. Everybody has some character that they love and we’ve seen many actors lobbying hard to become those characters on the big screen. There are those who really want to play a particular superhero and push hard to make it happen, and it’s great when it actually happens.

And it’s probably equally exciting to be able to talk with Megan Fox who had previously been part of the Transformers movies, about being part of the franchise. To be fair, not all of Fox’s memories of making the Transformers movies were good, and Fox was rather unceremoniously removed from the series, but the franchise itself has moved on, with an entirely different director.

And Pete Davidson has nothing but good things to say about director Steven Caple Jr. as well. Apparently, while Caple did insist that Davidson perform his lines as they were written in the script, the comedian was also given a chance to go off script and try different things as well, and Mirage’s final dialogue is a combination of the two. 

When you hear Pete Davidson speak in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts it’s not hard to tell that he’s loving every minute of playing Mirage. With the movie opening this weekend it will be interesting to see if the audience loves it enough to make the movie a hit.  Check out our Transformers: Rise of the Beasts review for CinemaBlend's take on the newest entry in the franchise.