‘Rain: The Sequel’ Arrives In Southern California For The Weekend

‘Rain: The Sequel’ Arrives In Southern California For The Weekend

After an all-too-brief respite, Southern California is once again being hit with a winter storm.

Today’s weather isn’t expected to match last month’s deluge, but some pockets of heavy rain are expected to last into Sunday. That’s not good news for already saturated hillsides.

The cold storm was forecast to bring “steady light to locally moderate rain and mountain snow to the area,” the National Weather Service said. Strong winds from the southwest are expected through Sunday.

There could also be “isolated and brief bursts of heavy rain likely through Saturday night,” mainly in the foothills and coastal slopes, the weather service office in Oxnard said. Mudslides, rockslides and ongoing land movement in recent landslide areas are all possible.

For the weekend storm, downtown L.A. could get 0.6 inches of rain. Meteorologists said there’s a 15% to 20% chance of 1 inch of snow falling on the Grapevine section of Interstate 5.

When things end sometime on Sunday, it’s only a brief respite. Rain and snow could be back Tuesday and Wednesday.