Rapper G-Eazy Mourns Mother’s Death In Touching Post: ‘The Pain Is Enormous’

Rapper G-Eazy Mourns Mother’s Death In Touching Post: ‘The Pain Is Enormous’

Gerald Earl Gillum, professionally called G-Eazy, told the world that he is in pain as he recently lost his loving mother, Suzanne Olmsted.

According to her Instagram profile, Olmsted was a visual artist. She also parted ways with her husband Edward Gillum and raised G-Eazy and his brother, James Wolcott Gillum, alone.

Now the sweet mother has passed, a fact which the “Good Life” musician is struggling to grapple with, as seen in his latest social media post.

G-Eazy Mourns Deceased Mother, Suzanne Olmsted

On Wednesday, November 24, G-Eazy broke the news of his loving mother’s passing with a touching Instagram tribute to her.

The 32-year-old expressed that he loves the late matriarch so much, and the shock of her passing prevents him from accepting that he will never get to hug her again.

G-Eazy posted a slideshow of his deceased mother looking ageless and beautiful. Also featured were some pictures of her in her youth.

The “These Things Happen Too” artist called the late Olmsted his queen, his hero, his everything.

G-Eazy wrote that he could not stop crying and there was no safe place to hide from his hurt, but he felt peace knowing his mother was no longer in pain.

The “I Mean It” rapper described his deceased matriarch as the definition of a superwoman, as she protected her family against all odds.

G-Eazy credited Olmsted for motivating him to treat his alcohol and drug addiction, and that her saying, “one step at a time and don’t look at the summit,” helped him move forward.

The rapper concluded that he and his brother would lean on each other and are full of love and gratitude for the life she gave them, despite their grief. 

Fans and celebrity friends, including Cardi B, Ben Baller, Macklemore, and Riva Nyri, sent their condolences. Drake commented, “Rest up sweet lady always showed me the most love,” with heart emojis.

The “Hustlers” Actor Charged For Assault Following NYC Club Brawl

G-Eazy was arrested on September 13 for allegedly assaulting two men at The Standard, High Line hotel, The Blast recounted.

Around 12:40 am, the “Him and I” rapper and his entourage arrived at the VIP Boom Boom Room to celebrate.

G-Eazy at the Space JamMEGA

The area was booked for a private Lacoste staff party, so G-Eazy and crew were asked to leave. This enraged the star, and he punched the unidentified person who made the request.

The brawl resumed outside, where the “Hustlers” actor reportedly punched another 32-year-old man. The artist was arrested by the NYPD two days later and charged with double counts of assault. 

The “Me, Myself & I” Rapper Talks Newest Studio Album

In September, G-Eazy surprised his fans with the long-awaited news that his latest studio album was on its way, as per The Blast.

The album, “These Things Happen Too” was set for release on September 24 and featured collaborations with big names in the Hollywood music scene.

With the breaking news of his newest album, the rapper also intelligently released a track called “The Announcement” to the public. 

“These Things Happen Too” was produced through RCA Records and featured collaborations with musicians including Kossiko, Demi Lovato, Lil Wayne, and YG.