Rapper Kanye West Breaks His Silence On Allegations He Punched A Fan

Rapper Kanye West Breaks His Silence On Allegations He Punched A Fan

Kanye West is breaking his silence on allegations he punched out a fan during a tirade in downtown Los Angeles, including posting a horrifying picture.

The ‘Donda’ rapper took to Instagram to make his brutal statement, which included sharing a stunning image of what appears to be a monkey stripped of its skin. As we reported, Kanye is being accused of attacking a fan following at night out in West Hollywood. The rapper allegedly punched the person in the face, after they asked him for an autograph.

Shockingly, West posted an image of what appears to be a small monkey who has been stripped of its skin and is screaming in agony. “MY LIFE WAS NEVER EAZY,” the rapper captioned the image. We should note, it’s unclear where he got the picture, and if it has any other deeper meaning. 

Kanye West Posts Horrifying Image In Response To Punching Allegations

Rapper Kanye West Breaks His Silence On Allegations He Punched A FanMega

According to reports, Kanye was partying with his new girlfriend — Julia Fox — and left the Hollywood nightclub for a recording studio in downtown L.A. At around 3 am, police were called to the scene of an assault where the rapper allegedly knocked out a fan who had approached him. One report claims the fan walked up to Kanye — who was sitting in his car — and the rapper jumped out and punched him.

Los Angeles Police officers responded to the area and interviewed the victim and other witnesses. By the time detectives arrived, Kanye was gone.

Video of the altercation made its way online, and it clearly shows a man on the ground after the alleged punch. The reported “punch” is not in the footage. Scroll down to see the video.

Kanye West: My Life Was Never Easy

As you can imagine, many of Kanye’s fans pleaded with him to take the image down from social media — and a few even offered to help with what appears to be a rough day for the rapper. “Time to 180 and return home Ye. We praying. this ain’t it. God’s not finished. Surrender it all to Christ. “Without counsel, plans go awry, But in the multitude of counselors they are established.” – Proverbs 15:22,” one person wrote. Another added, “You still have time to delete this.”

Like most of us, many responded simply, “I was not prepared for this to be the first thing that I saw when I opened [Instagram].

Obviously, Kanye hasn’t made an official or legal statement regarding the fairly serious allegations. Unfortunately for him, the incident is now under investigation by LAPD and will be pasted to the City Attorney for possible criminal charges. A misdemeanor battery charge carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail.

Fans Plead With Kanye West To Delete The Post On Instagram

Rapper Kanye West Breaks His Silence On Allegations He Punched A FanMega

An hour after posting the horrifying image, Kanye’s post was “liked” over half a million times.

This isn’t the first time Kanye has been arrested for allegedly assaulting someone who approached him in public. Back in 2008, the rapper was detained after attacking a camera operator at LAX airport and smashing his camera.

Kanye West has NOT been arrested for the incident, and no criminal charges have been filed. But, that might change in the next few days.

Kanye West Allegedly Knocks Out A Fan — See The Video!