Rep. George Santos Lashes Out After Congress Expulsion

Rep. George Santos Lashes Out After Congress Expulsion

In a defiant move, embattled Rep. George Santos is lashing out at his colleagues after his expulsion from Congress.

The shocking event will make it only the sixth time in history that a lawmaker has faced such a consequence. Apart from this expulsion, Santos, who faces criminal fraud charges and has been accused of fabricating much of his biography, also has to deal with a federal charge. 

Rep. George Santos Fires Back Following Congress Voting To Expel Him

The resolution of the House of Representatives passed with a notable 311-114 tally, which raised eyebrows as 105 Republicans joined in favor. All four top House GOP leaders opted to keep the indicted GOP Representative in Congress.

Following the expulsion, Santos spoke to CNN, conceding, “It’s over,” and expressing his belief that the House had set a “new dangerous precedent for themselves.” When asked about staying and using non-member privileges, the 35-year-old bluntly responded:

“Why would I want to stay here? To h— with this place.” 

Pressed further on his expectations, Santos stated, “I had no skin in the game,” before pointing out that he was free from answering questions as an unofficial non-member of Congress.

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Although he expressed disinterest in using the nonmember privileges, they are still open to him, seeing as he is without a felony conviction, unlike past expulsions involving Michael Myers in 1980 and Jim Traficant in 2002. 

House Rules also outline that the privileges include access to the House floor, dining room, gym, and cloakroom, excluding security. Before the vote was passed, the lawmaker had announced he would not seek reelection and remained resilient in the face of calls for his resignation. 

Despite surviving previous attempts to oust him, mounting pressure from a scathing ethics report revealed Santos’s alleged exploitation of his House candidacy for personal gain.

After his removal, procedural steps were anticipated in Congress and his state. Per a former House Parliamentarian, an expulsion from Congress parallels administrative procedures for vacancies, encompassing death or resignation. 

The House Clerk will then take charge and oversee decisions, which encompasses clearing Santos’s office and ensuring the continued operation of his district office for constituents.

For the latter, the House Clerk informs the governor about the third district’s vacancy, after which Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul, following New York State law, will issue the proclamation within ten days. A special election will be scheduled to take place between seventy and eighty days from the declaration.

Earlier Scandals And Federal Charges: Rep. George Santos’ Troubled Political Journey

In a saga of lies, exaggerations, and financial irregularities, the once-prominent Republican found himself entangled in a web of federal charges in May.

Accused of allegedly orchestrating corrupt practices during his brief stint in office, Santos faced investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Justice Department, specifically their public integrity prosecutors in New York and Washington.

The charges, filed in New York’s eastern district, were shrouded in secrecy, but Santos was anticipated to appear in court. Throughout his tenure, the politician faced allegations ranging from violating campaign finance laws to orchestrating a credit card fraud scheme and providing false information about his educational and professional background.

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One particularly shocking accusation involved Santos allegedly stealing funds intended for a disabled Iraq War veteran’s ailing service dog. Richard Osthoff, the veteran, recounted a distressing incident in 2016 when he sought financial assistance for the surgery of his dog Sapphire. 

Living in a tent along a New Jersey highway, Osthoff claimed he met Santos, who operated under the alias Anthony Devolder and purported to run a pet charity named “Friends of Pets United.”

The Dish Network former customer service representative allegedly pledged assistance to Osthoff and even established a GoFundMe page for Sapphire’s surgery. However, when the funds reached $3,000, Santos abruptly closed the page, becoming “increasingly difficult to contact.”

Despite recommending another vet clinic, he failed to disclose that the money had been redirected to “other dogs” because Sapphire’s tumor was inoperable. Discovering the information, Osthoff deemed Santos a swindler, accusing him of wire and charity fraud.

This prompted the Navy retiree to seek legal recourse against the former congressman, collaborating with government agencies to pursue criminal charges.