Restaurant Finds This Anti-Masker’s 1-Star Review So Ridiculous That They Put It On A T-Shirt And People Are Loving It

Restaurant Finds This Anti-Masker’s 1-Star Review So Ridiculous That They Put It On A T-Shirt And People Are Loving It

Even though we’ve come a long way since the pandemic started and we got over the initial panic when countries closed their borders and practically shut down all businesses to make people stay at home to not spread the virus, some restrictions are still in place. Like the requirement to wear masks, which are a very easy and cheap way to control the spread of the virus.

In many places in the world, people who don’t wear masks don’t get served or even let in to some establishments. And there is a group of people who think that this means that their rights are restricted, not understanding that sometimes you sacrifice the convenience of not having anything on your face in order to possibly save someone from contracting a deadly virus.

Such a group of people came to a restaurant in North Carolina and when they were refused service, they went to Google Reviews and left one hell of message that the restaurant owner put on a T-shirt.

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A restaurant in North Carolina were accused by anti-maskers of being Satan worshipers and found it so funny they put it on T-shirts

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The restaurant Luna Rotisserie in Carrboro, North Carolina shared a post on their Instagram telling a story of how back in spring, when the first mask mandate in all indoor public settings was announced, a group of people came in and demanded to be let in without masks.

The staff weren’t willing to risk the safety of their other clients and refused but offered seats in the outdoor patio. According to the restaurant, the group became aggressive but eventually left; however, they weren’t going to let it go. Later the business received a string of negative 1-star reviews and one of them was so hilarious you would want to put it on a T-shirt.

The restaurant explained that a group of anti-maskers were upset at not being let in without masks, so they left a ridiculous review on Google

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Bored Panda reached out to the restaurant and the owner Shawn Stokes said that these kinds of situations are rare and people generally come wearing masks without protesting and that he’s glad that there isn’t a big issue about that in the restaurant’s neighborhood. And if some people come without masks there is an outdoor space where clients can be served maskless.

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After the incident one of the people in the group wrote in the Google reviews, “This place is full of Satanic activity. As free breathing humans, we were discriminated against, the wait staff refused to serve our laughing, smiling faces. I cannot believe the treatment we received here, as if we were below them. If you like freedom, go elsewhere!!”

The client was frustrated that the restaurant was obeying the law and requiring people who come inside to wear a mask because they thought it was an infringement of their freedom, not considering that they might cause a string of events that could lead to someone possibly dying.

The owner of Luna Rotisserie saw the review and had an idea to put it on a T-shirt below a picture of the devil himself wearing a mask

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Even though the situation is serious and anti-maskers in all countries are considered to be wounds of society, the owner of Luna Rotisserie tried to make out the best of this experience and slapped the hilarious review accusing them of glorifying the devil on a T-shirt.

What is even better, there is a devil in the design and he is wearing a mask with the restaurant’s logo on it, making the T-shirt even funnier, providing another layer of irony.

At first the T-shirt was meant for the staff and family members, but the clients started asking for it too. But when a member of the staff, Skyler Jay, shared a photo of the print on their Twitter, it went quite viral.

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Bored Panda reached out to Skyler and we found out that they only recently joined the Luna Rotisserie and started in early October. They posted the T-shirt on their Twitter “as a funny way of letting [their] followers know [they] liked [their] new job.” Skyler didn’t have any idea that the post would get so much positive attention, “I really can’t believe that what started as a funny way of celebrating finally having a job I liked after a frustrating search ended up going so viral!”

The owner Stokes says, “It’s hard to say if the attention has brought more people to the restaurant” and Skyler didn’t really notice a difference in the overall number of visitors to the physical location either, but added, “we’ve definitely had a lot of people coming in because they’ve heard about the shirts online – and of course we’ve gotten a ton of online orders from them too.” Stokes said that there were not only US orders but international ones as well.

The T-shirt became a hit and people loved the idea to use a negative review for their merchandise

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After working for over a month Skyler says that they had only good experiences with customers, “haven’t had to deal with anyone refusing to wear masks since I’ve worked there. Most people are very respectful and careful to at least put them on while moving around inside.”

We were also interested if the restaurant is planning on expanding their T-shirt collection with more ridiculous or absurd reviews and the owner says, “I don’t think we’ll print anymore reviews. This one was just too good to pass up.” But the Luna Rotisserie employee revealed that “there is talk of expanding the options for this design, hopefully putting it on some sweatshirts and potentially other merch.”

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People who saw the T-shirt were amazed by the creativity and the outlook the owner of the restaurant had. Commenters were saying they wanted to both visit the place and order a T-shirt for themselves. Actually, the comments were overwhelmingly positive and it shows that anti-maskers constitute only a small part of society, it’s just that they scream the loudest.

What do you think of the restaurant’s idea to put one of their reviews on a T-shirt? Do you think that it’s a fun way to deal with anti-maskers? Or do you think it might be harmful to bring attention to this kind of commentary? Leave us your thoughts and reactions in the comments section!

The reactions were overwhelmingly positive but anti-maskers also put their two cents in

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