‘RHOBH’s Kyle Richards & Sutton Stracke Get Real In Season Preview

‘RHOBH’s Kyle Richards & Sutton Stracke Get Real In Season Preview

We’re one day out from the premiere of the “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” twelfth season and the tea between these ladies will be scalding hot!

The Blast reported yesterday matters between Sutton Stracke and Erika Jayne were still a work in progress in moving on from the many tumultuous arguments between the pair, which had been a giant focal point of last season.

It looks as if Stracke will find herself in the middle of a tense discussion with other ladies besides Jayne as seen in a recently released preview clip for season 12!

Who Is Stracke Talking To During The Clip?

Kyle Richards posing for the camera.Instagram | Kyle Richards

In the new preview shared via People, Kyle Richards is seen taking a moment to cry and compose herself while reacting to the news of Dorit and PK Kemsley‘s home having been broken into.

Stracke comes over to comfort her friend, (with cookies in tow!), and sits down to have a chat, however, a hint of tension starts to creep into their conversation.

Stracke interrupts Richards by going into detail about the hectic work day she’s had and the situations that have made it inconvenient.

“I’ve been putting out fires all day today too, but it just might be that kind of day,” Stracke said.

She Said WHAT?

Richards can be seen visibly processing what Stracke had just said, while wiping away tears.

After hearing what Stracke meant by her statement, Richards responds, “That doesn’t seem like a fire after what [the Kemsley’s had been through.]

Stracke is obviously taken aback, and then responds, “Well it is for me and my business.”

Stracke’s shocked co-star doesn’t hold back during her confessionals! Richards faces the camera and asks, “What is wrong with you? Are you that wrapped up in yourself that you are not grasping what just happened to our friend?”

Stracke Shares An Apology

Having seen the error of her ways and how her reaction was perceived, Stracke apologized for her insensitive reaction.

She owned up to her reaction to Entertainment Tonight (via People) by saying, “I mean, it was wrong and my brain just wasn’t in the moment, I think. I think when your brain isn’t in the moment, that is being insensitive. That’s basically the definition.”

Kemsley had been vocal in sharing her reflections about the October 2021 incident.

“My family now needs to start the healing process,” she began in a heartfelt Instagram post. “I have thrown myself into work as I want my family to return to normality as soon as possible.”

She and Stracke, too, have had conversations about the terrifying incident.

Stracke shared she had asked Kemsley, “How can you continue to go through this?” And Kemsley responded, ‘I have to as a mother.'”

“I’m so impressed by her,” Stracke had added about Kemsley in her Entertainment Tonight interview.

“…That’s what you do as a mother: You get up and act strong and go on with your daily life,” she said of Kemsley’s response to her question.

The trailer for season 12 includes security camera footage of a burglar successfully breaking into the Kemsley residence.

Kemsley told Access Hollywood (per People) earlier this winter that “We had just started filming when it happened. Because of the outcome and my kids not knowing what had happened, it was very important for me that real life resumed. It was also important that, you know, the robbers, they can take all of the material things, but you don’t want to feel like they take your livelihood.”