Rick And Morty's Showrunnners Confirm Major Character Will Return After Season 7, And That Seems Like Terrible News For The Heroes

Rick And Morty's Showrunnners Confirm Major Character Will Return After Season 7, And That Seems Like Terrible News For The Heroes

Rick and Morty Season 7 featured one massive curveball, as a character that fans expected to be in the series for the long haul met a sudden end. Dan Harmon told viewers not to worry after the show killed off Rick Prime, and that there was more story to tell. We now have an idea of how the canonical storylines may continue after the confirmation that Evil Morty will be in the mix in future seasons. 

Evil Morty helped Rick-C137 defeat Rick Prime, and when they parted ways, he returned to his part of the universe free from Rick's influence. Given the way the scene was shown, it seemed his story was done, but showrunner Scott Marder told Variety that isn't the case: 

"We can expect to see him in the future. We certainly have plans and grand designs with him, for sure."

As a Rick and Morty fan tracking all we know about Season 8, this is fascinating to me. When Evil Morty left, he took with him the knowledge of the Omega Device, which gave him the ability to kill every Rick in existence across the multiverse. The villain said that doing so would be more of a headache than just returning to his peaceful pocket of the universe, but he warned both heroes not to try to bother him or he might reconsider.

I've rewatched Season 7 with my Max subscription, and truthfully, I suspected Evil Morty would eventually make his way back into the story. With Rick Prime gone, Rick-C137 seemed directionless in what he would do next after completing the mission he had been on for years. Rick, in the early seasons, wouldn't allow anyone to have an edge on him, especially someone he knows is a threat.

What I'm saying is that if Evil Morty is back in the picture, I'd imagine it's because Rick poked the bear, needing to find a purpose after Rick Prime. Then again, I could be completely off base, and the villain is back in the mix after Mr. Poopybutthole's meddling in the timeline. Rick and Morty has proven it's good at keeping viewers on their toes, so maybe it's best not to assume anything about future seasons.

In addition to the return of Evil Morty, the showrunners also revealed episodic adventures will still be in the mix of seasons as well. I know I would love to see more stories that dive into Rick's past or maybe a crossover with the upcoming anime spinoff. Even if that stuff doesn't happen, I can at least feel comfort in knowing the show is still going strong after the massive shakeups headed into Season 7. 

As mentioned, those wishing to re-watch Rick and Morty Season 7 can now do so over on Max. I would highly recommend doing that, as there were quite a few things that I missed the first time around, probably because I'm fighting sleep staying up to watch new episodes during the season.