Rob Lowe Reveals Wayne’s World Had An SNL Connection Most Fans May Not Know About

Rob Lowe Reveals Wayne’s World Had An SNL Connection Most Fans May Not Know About

Wayne's World was released over 30 years ago, but it still remains a fan-favorite amongst comedy lovers, thanks to both the goofy premise and iconic performances from Mike Myers and Dana Carvey makes it a certified classic. The movie was famously based on an SNL sketch that developed a cult following, and while opening up about working on the film and what it meant for his career as a whole, Rob Lowe revealed the movie has a big SNL connection that fans may not be aware of. 

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Parks and Recreation alum chatted about his comedy origins, including working on Wayne’s World back in 1992. While watching a clip featuring his Chicago-based television producer, Lowe seemed to remember the experience fondly, and revealed that his character was very much inspired by SNL creator Lorne Michaels, who even lent an uncredited helping hand in regards to some of Lowe’s dialogue that ended up in the film. He said:

That's one of my favorite scenes that I got to do in Wayne's World. A lot of people don't realize that Lorne Michaels, the great producer of Saturday Night Live, sort of ghost-wrote all of my dialogue. And so, when I look back on Wayne's World today, I go, 'Oh yeah, that sounds a little bit like Lorne.'

Michaels' influence is all over many of the films that came from SNL cast members following their stints on the NBC mainstay. He's not only a prominent figure in the lives of many comedians, but even his mannerisms have become almost famous amongst fans. The Dr. Evil character in Austin Powers is based on Dana Carvey's impression of SNL's creator, and almost every former cast member has put forth an impression of their fearless leader at some point. It’s no surprise he would have more of a direct personal stamp on Wayne’s World, especially with the film so intimately tied to the sketch show, and TV producers in general.

Lowe also revealed that being cast in Wayne’s World was a big deal for him as a comedy star. So much so, that The Outsiders star had delayed his own honeymoon to be able to work on the film. He said: 

I also remember I had to postpone my honeymoon with my wife -- we got down to Cabo, and my deal to do the movie closed, and we had to turn right around and come home.

The role opened up many unexpected doors for the actor. While he was already a well known 80s heartthrob, the film helped him expand his reach. After Wayne's World, his SNL connections remained strong with roles in Chris Farley's Tommy Boy and three Austin Powers films. The movies are comedy-gospel for many of the most ardent fans, and sending Rob Lowe up as a comedy star is a bonus. While probably inconvenient at the time, it seems like that honeymoon delay was worth it. 

Lowe has since remained within comedy for a large chunk of his career, starring in shows like Parks and Recreation, and most recently Unstable, which is currently available to stream with a Netflix subscription. The sitcom was just renewed for a second season, so there will be a lot more Rob Lowe on the small screen very soon. You can also revisit the actor’s Lorne Michaels-inspired performance in Wayne’s World, which is streaming now for Max subscribers.