Rumer Willis Recalls ‘Wildest’ Home Delivery That Involved Breaking Her Own Water

Rumer Willis Recalls ‘Wildest’ Home Delivery That Involved Breaking Her Own Water

Rumer Willis is opening up about the special day she welcomed her first child and how the experience differed from normal births.

The actress rose to fame as the oldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore before paving her path in the entertainment industry like her famous parents. The Hollywood veterans became grandparents thanks to the 34-year-old and her partner Derek Richard Thomas.

The “Now and Then” star brought her daughter Louetta into the world through an unmedicated home delivery in April, and now the doting mom is reflecting on the big day and the surprising things she had to do.

Rumer Willis Says She Went Into Labor With Her Amniotic Sac Intact

The latest episode of the “Informed Pregnancy podcast was a heart-to-heart discussion about how the Paducah native welcomed her first child at home. With the help of a doula, the 34-year-old recalled the “crazy” experience that changed her life.

Rumer Willis shares baby bump as she poses for Naked CashmereMEGA

According to the “Die Hard” star’s oldest daughter, she went into labor with her intact amniotic sac. The mother of one noted that the “water bag was bulging but still not popping” despite being ready to push her daughter out.

Since the situation was not proceeding as expected, the midwife concluded it was safe for them to take matters into their hands. The doula permitted the TV personality to break her amniotic sac, and Willis happily complied.

Detailing the moment, the entertainer noted that she “reached [her] finger up there and could feel this little bag … like a water balloon but with a bit tougher skin.” The actress popped her water body during the rollout of her next contraction.

Rumer Willis details home child birth process for Mother's DayInstagram|rumerwillis

“There’s a photo of me, and I just have this look of shock and surprise on my face because it’s a different sensation when the water bag is pushing against your cervix to when the baby’s head is,” the “Hidden Exposure” star explained, sharing that her labor was smooth sailing from that point.

The oldest of the Willis brood revealed that she pulled through her unmedicated home birth, pushing out her daughter Louetta without challenges. The newborn was caught by her father and the midwife when she came bursting out of her mother’s womb.

Raving about the experience, Willis exclaimed: “It was the wildest thing. She had a cord wrapped around her neck, but it was also wrapped around her body in, like, almost, like, a prom sash.”

Rumer Willis details home child birth process for Mother's DayInstagram|rumerwillis

After the little girl was “untangled” and placed in the “Return to Sender” actress’s loving arms, the 34-year-old claimed she experienced a rush of emotions. It was “the most ecstatic, joyful moment,” cradling her child while “sobbing with joy.”

The New Mom Shared Pictures From Her Home Birth To Celebrate Mother’s Day

A month before Willis opened up about her home delivery, the media personality blessed her followers with pictures of her daughter’s arrival in honor of her first Mother’s Day. The snaps captured the new mom’s grueling experience, where she was submerged inside an inflatable pool of water.

In the carousel, the “Six Letter Word” actress was seen receiving support from her mother, who hugged and held her hands through the labor process. One of the images showed the 34-year-old laying down, evidently exhausted, while Moore stroked her arms.

The touching moment matched the first picture Willis shared, a throwback image that showed the “Striptease” star cuddling with her baby daughter. In the caption, the Hollywood icon’s oldest child thanked her mother for guiding her through the “transition from maiden to mother.”

Rumer Willis details home child birth process for Mother's DayInstagram|rumerwillis

The “Dancing With The Stars” season 20 winner stated that she finally realized the depth of Moore’s affection for her and her sisters. Rumer claimed she could understand her mother’s feelings thanks to the “endless well of love” she had for Louetta.

The Young Hollywood Award winner penned an emotional letter to her newborn daughter in a separate Mother’s Day tribute. The doting mom shared more snaps from Louetta’s delivery alongside rare pictures of herself bonding with the little girl.

“I have waited and dreamed of you my whole life. You are more than I could have ever imagined,” the entertainer gushed in her caption. “You have changed my life most profoundly. It is the privilege and honor of my life to be your Mother.”