Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Are Back To Their Instagram Hijinks As She Responds In An A+ Way To Her Husband's Joke

Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Are Back To Their Instagram Hijinks As She Responds In An A+ Way To Her Husband's Joke

There may not be a stronger couple that exists in Hollywood than Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively when it comes to on-screen talent, entrepreneurial endeavors and comedic abilities. Throw in the fact that they use their humor to consistently poke fun at each other on social media, and we’ve got true #couplegoals. While both parties have proven capable of dishing out burns toward their significant other, this time it was the Free Guy star who trolled his wife on Instagram by sharing a sketch of her in a bikini, and unsurprisingly, Lively had an A+ response.

The Instagram page 2dollarartist frequently features humorous sketches of celebrities side-by-side with actual photos of them, and the artist’s drawing of Blake Lively went viral after apparently capturing the attention of one Ryan Reynolds. The Welcome to Wrexham star must have been highly amused by the artistry of the ballpoint pen portrait, because he reposted it on his social media. The Gossip Girl alum then shared it to her own Instagram Stories with the perfect reaction: 

Instagram Stories

(Image credit: Blake Lively's Instagram Stories)

It’s so much fun to see the parents of four take loving jabs at each other the way Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds do, and when he saw that ogre-looking sketch, I’m sure he couldn’t help but take advantage of the opportunity to share the interesting depiction of his gorgeous wife. 

The fact that she responded with a simple (and barely there) “Thank you,” makes it all the better. The 2dollarartist really took some liberties when it came to Blake Lively’s portrayal, giving the actress quite a prominent neck, but I can appreciate the attention to detail paid on things like the strands of hair falling from her pigtails.

The artist made a great choice when it came to the photo they chose to recreate, too, as we recall Blake Lively living her best summer life in this red bikini in July. The star of A Simple Favor was giving all kinds of Taylor Swift vibes with her red heart-shaped sunglasses and swimwear to match.

When it comes to the social media hijinks between the A-list actors, the ball was in Ryan Reynolds’ court following a funny post from Blake Lively a month ago in which she called her husband the No. 2 customer of her Betty Buzz sparkling soda. She also got him pretty good earlier this year, when she posted a photo of her television, which showed a distressed-looking Reynolds in the stands of a Wrexham soccer game, and joked that she paid for an ESPN+ account just to watch her husband’s crippling anxiety live. Ouch!

The Deadpool actor can dish it out as well as he can take it, though, and he’s made some bold moves in the past, shading Blake Lively’s Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies and then cropping her out of a photo as he wished her a happy birthday. He’s also proven that he can be pretty cute too, though, like when he celebrated his wife with a sweet birthday post this year.

These two are always a joy to see interact on social media, and we can’t wait to see them back on the big screen. In the meantime, take a look at our 2023 Movie Schedule to see what’s hitting theaters soon.