Ryan Reynolds Posts Touching Tribute To Michael J. Fox

Ryan Reynolds Posts Touching Tribute To Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox is an example of an extraordinary human being. Not only has he starred in great movies and TV shows that have shaped his career, but the Canadian-American actor has done incredible work toward research funding to find a cure for Parkinson’s. Now, his good pal, Ryan Reynolds, has made sure to give the Back to the Future actor all his flowers in a touching Instagram post.

Since Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1991, he has faced difficulties in his career because of an inability to remember dialogue and several falls. Fox recounted the good and bad times of his life in the Apple TV+ documentary film Still. But as Ryan Reynolds wrote about his friend for Time100, he pointed out that Fox’s best quality is his ability to persevere through the adversity put in front of him. Starting out his Time100 piece, the actor wrote (via Instagram post):

I know Michael J. Fox. Like, I know him pretty damn well. He’s funny. He’s warm. He’s handsome and intensely smart. He also falls a lot. Not just because he has Parkinson’s. He falls a lot because he’s unafraid to fly.

Everything Ryan Reynolds said about Michael J. Fox is on point considering all that the Family Ties actor has accomplished. Fox was recognized for his work at the 2022 Governors Awards when he won the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for raising $1 billion for fighting Parkinson’s. While Ryan Reynolds plays a superhero, he made it clear that Fox is a real-life superhero. The Emmy winner wrote in the comments how appreciative he was of his friend’s kind words to him. He said:

With friends like @vancityreynolds it’s easier to accomplish anything. Thanks buddy ????

Like the Deadpool actor mentioned in his tribute, he has been a great admirer of the Teen Wolf star, and he hopes to teach his young daughter the lessons the talented actor taught him about not being afraid to fall. Telling a sweet story about showing his young one Back to the Future, Reynolds wrote:

Last year I watched Back to the Future with my 8-year-old daughter. It’s become her favourite film. And for now, that’s enough for me—and her. One more kid from one more generation sees what I saw.

Before Still had its streaming premiere, The Adam Project actor expressed his excitement towards Fox’s documentary and how he was looking forward to learning about his "role model's" story. 

In the post, Reynolds also noted the personal connection he has to Fox and his work, explaining that his father passed away in 2015 from a long battle with Parkinson’s:

He’s someone who helped my dad, along with millions of others, feel less alone. It’d be kinda lazy to simply regard him as a movie star who shaped the lives of people all over the planet with a uniquely electric wit and self-aware charm. He’s the sum of these beautiful parts. And so many more.

After his father’s death, People reported that the IF actor encouraged people on X to donate to the Michael J. Fox Foundation where he’s been on the board of directors since 2008. Having celebrities like Michael J. Fox bring the challenges he's faced to light proves that we’re not alone in our battles and that good friends like Ryan Reynolds can help raise awareness about the vital need for cures.

Ryan Reynolds wrote an endearing tribute to Michael J. Fox for Time100's list of this year's influential people. With the mark that Fox has left on the entertainment industry and the medical community, he’s a celebrity that deserves all of the praise in the world. 

You can watch Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie with an Apple TV+ subscription. Make sure to look at our 2024 movie releases too so you don't miss Ryan Reynolds' upcoming projects, IF and Deadpool & Wolverine, too.