See Ryan Reynolds At A Hospital Visiting A Young Fan Who Adorably Throws Shade At Him

See Ryan Reynolds At A Hospital Visiting A Young Fan Who Adorably Throws Shade At Him

Ryan Reynolds is widely known for the various films he's starred in, with his next one being the upcoming superhero movie Deadpool 3. When he's not working though, the Canadian actor takes the time to be a genuine hero for kids who need a smile. Reynolds most recently brightened the day of young fan who's been in the hospital. The meet-up was captured in a viral TikTok video that's nothing short of sweet. But what's really perfect is that the kid adorably threw shade at him, making them both happy. 

It’s not every day that a child has the chance to meet a celebrity. So when one A-lister is willing to take the time to meet a young fan, it can truly mean the world to that child. Ryan Reynolds, who runs an annual ugly Christmas Sweater campaign for sick kids, visited Bella Thomson in the hospital. In the cute TikTok video that shows the meeting, this adorable little girl chopped it up with the star. That was before she threw some hilarious shade at the Marvel actor after he gave her an ugly Christmas sweater to keep. Check out the A+ clip:

That last line "I'm not dying to wear it" truly cracked me up! And I can't say I blame her, as I wouldn't want to walk around wearing an ugly sweater like that all day either. Speaking of 9-year-old Bella Thomson, you all need to know about this valiant little girl, who has actually earned the nickname "Bella Brave." According to the National Post, Thomson has been battling three rare diseases since birth. The first is Hirschsprung’s disease and, as a result of it, her intestines lack the nerves to move digested food along. The second is dwarfism, which required her to have surgeries because of structural development problems in her right hand. Additionally, she also has no immune system.

Like she told the Free Guy star, the Saskatchewan native just had a bowel transplant in August, which has finally allowed her to eat. This little girl gained wide attention due to a Facebook page made by her family, which updates people on her medical processes. There are also posts that highlight the silly, fun moments this child has had amid her medical journey. Before they knew it, Bella Thomson received over six million TikTok followers and the attention of many celebrities like Dave Foster and Katherine McPhee, Lizzo, Paula Abdul and even Halsey, who gave her a care package. This young warrior is not without love from the world.

The Adam Project actor, who is a father to four children with his wife, Blake Lively, loves to meet such kids and chat with them during one-on-one meetings. Through the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, one sick child got his wish to meet Ryan Reynolds on the Deadpool set back in 2015. The young boy even got the chance to wear Deadpool’s infamous mask and gloves! 

A year later, Ryan Reynolds surprised another sick Deadpool superfan with the perfect gift any fan of the anti-hero would want -- the chance to see the 2016 Marvel movie before anyone else. To take it up a notch, Reynolds even donned the black-and-red costume to hospital visit with a bunch of kids battling cancer. They were even lucky enough to walk away with bamboo versions of the Marvel antihero's swords. The comedic actor’s generosity seems to know no bounds.

As Ryan Reynolds’ characters (and the star himself) tend to throw shade at anyone within sight, it’s cute that the Detective Pikachu actor got a taste of his own medicine from a young fan he visited at the hospital. While an ugly Christmas sweater is a generous offer, kids would probably prefer some other kind of gift. 

Be sure to see the A-lister in upcoming Marvel movie Deadpool 3, which opens on July 26th as part of the 2024 movie release release