‘Sister Wives’ Christine Reveals Kody Brown’s Woes As A Husband

‘Sister Wives’ Christine Reveals Kody Brown’s Woes As A Husband

Christine Brown is speaking out against her ex-husband, Kody Brown‘s mistreatment of wives Meri Brown and Janelle Brown.

The reality star’s relationship with her ex has continued to decline since she surprised “Sister Wives” viewers when she announced that she was leaving him in November 2021. Her exit was promptly followed by that of Janelle in December 2022 and Meri in January 2023, adding even more heat to the controversial situation.

Christine Brown Has No Hopes For Kody Brown When It Comes To Treating His Women Right

In a recent episode of Sister Wives,” Christine visited Janelle at her Flagstaff, Arizona, apartment, and they had a conversation about the ongoing family issues. They focused on the aftermath of Janelle’s heated argument with Kody, with the 54-year-old expressing uncertainty about the future of her marriage with the patriarch.

She candidly stated that if she and Kody were going to start anew, many things would need to change, even though she was not entirely sure she was genuinely interested. When her former co-wife asked if she was “over” the marriage, Janelle answered: 

“Yeah, but then when I talk to him, I sort of remember the old Kody. I don’t know.”

‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Breaks Her Silence Following Shocking DivorceInstagram

Sharing with the cameras that she could not revert to the way things were before, Janelle reflected on how she had overlooked many issues that were troubling for her, particularly concerning how her children had been affected by everything.

The entire conversation led Christine to disclose during her confessional that Janelle had a lot to handle at the moment, especially as she navigates her increasingly complex relationship with Kody.

However, she did not believe that staying in this marriage was the best path forward for her sister-wife. In her words, as emphasized by PEOPLE:

“She loves him still. She loves him. I don’t think Kody is gonna change. I think that Kody is going to constantly be running around Robyn and her life for the rest of his life, and I don’t think he has any room for Janelle in that life.”

Elsewhere in the episode, the 51-year-old addressed Meri’s admission that Kody had “basically left me already,” claiming, “I saw Kody string Meri along for years. It was mean and cruel, and I saw that he would’ve done the same thing to me if I would’ve stayed.”

Speaking on the same issue, Janelle asserted that “things are obviously very broken” between Meri and Kody, adding, “Meri keeps holding out hope, I think, that something will happen. But Kody doesn’t speak really kindly to her, he doesn’t really watch out for her. It’s very sad.”

Christine Brown Has Moved On With Another Man & Agreed To Marry Him

'Sister Wives' Star Christine Brown Gets Engaged To New Beau Nearly 2 Years After Kody Brown SplitInstagram/christine_brownsw

In the wake of her cutting all ties with Kody, Christine revealed her engagement to her boyfriend of four months, David Woolley, in April. The TLC star went public with her relationship in February and has now taken this significant step, announcing via social media:

“We’re engaged! David popped the question VERY romantically, and I said YES! I’m so excited and live in bliss every day!”

Reacting to the news, one fan commented, “You, my dear, are living the life you should have been living all along. You deserve every hug and every passionate kiss because you have a lot of making up to do! Kudos to both of you!!”

“I knew it wouldn’t take her long to find a good man! She is a good woman! A prize!!”a second netizen exclaimed, as another gushed, “Congrats, you deserve it to have a happy life and to be by a great man, who’s interested in you and your kids.”

A fourth cybercitizen chimed in, “I hope she gets the wedding she always dreamed of.” The news came shortly after the mother of six praised her man for giving her the best of the best.

“David treats me like a queen and tells me I’m beautiful everyday. I’ve never been in love like this before, and the world seems like a brighter place with him in it,” Christine stated at the time.

It is worth noting here that details of how Christine and David met remain unclear, as she only made their relationship public in February through an Instagram story. In her announcement, she mentioned that she had been exclusively seeing a new man, describing him as “wonderful, romantic, and so kind.”