‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown’s Late Son’s Roommate Says He Was Intoxicated Before Suicide

‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown’s Late Son’s Roommate Says He Was Intoxicated Before Suicide

According to the deceased's roommates, he battled inner demons that were not showcased on his family's reality TV show, "Sister Wives." The bombshell revelations about Garrison come just days after his mother marked his first posthumous birthday.

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Janelle Brown's Son Allegedly Struggled With 'Alcoholism & Depression'

Garrison's roommates opened up about his dark history in the newly-released body cam audio from when authorities discovered his body. They implied that while Janelle's son always had a smile for the cameras, his life was far from a bed of roses.

In the audio, Flagstaff PD officers notified the late media personality's roommates about his death — with two of them learning about his demise over the phone. Addison, one of Garrison's pals, could not hold back his emotions.

He was audibly upset as he addressed Garrison's mental health, claiming the late TLC star struggled with "alcoholism and depression." According to Addison, per TMZ, Garrison was intoxicated the night before his death.

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Garrison's Roommate Wished She Checked On Him

Cheyenne, the other roommate who learned about his death over the phone, reacted to the news with profound regret. She broke down in tears while sharing what occurred the night before Garrison's death.

She revealed to the Flagstaff PD officer that she heard something like a pop sound the night before. However, she never suspected it could be a gunshot.

Cheyenne recalled Garrison had confided in her about his struggles with alcohol, but knowing about his demons didn't prompt her to take action after hearing the pop. With a voice full of pain, she lamented, "I'm sorry I didn't check on him last night."

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The Body Cam Audio Unveils New Details About Garrison's Death

The body cam audio documented the moment Flagstaff PD officers discovered Garrison's body. One law enforcer asked someone to alert the medical examiner; however, the TLC star was long deceased before authorities arrived.

Another cop noted that he moved the gun found on Garrison's lap so medical officials could access his body. However, he claimed the weapon was not loaded when he moved it, suggesting someone else had touched the gun before they arrived.

While Garrison's cause of death appeared to be suicide, no note was recovered. But authorities found one bullet casing from the scene. The reality TV star's tragic demise came a month before his 26th birthday.

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Janelle Brown Celebrated Late Son's Posthumous Birthday

As previously reported by The Blast, Janelle marked her late son's first posthumous birthday with an emotional post on Instagram.

She shared a touching video montage featuring moments from Garrison's past celebrations, with multiple shots of him smiling in front of birthday cakes.

There were also shots of her late son posing with the gifts he received on the occasion, including a Star Wars Lego set. The video montage ended with a throwback snap of a younger Janelle and Garrison posing with a spider-themed cake.

The "Sister Wives" star captioned the emotional post with a lengthy message that displayed her love and grief amid Garrison's absence. She began by sharing how the family celebrated the big day, writing:

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"Happy Birthday Sweetheart. We are missing you terribly today. It's hard to believe you aren't here anymore. We talked about you a lot today and even went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner (your favorite place)."

As for her feelings, Janelle confessed, "I still feel you nearby sometimes. And I'm grateful we will see each other again when my journey is completed."

Janelle's Daughter Said Social Media Negatively Influenced Garrison

The Blast reported that Janelle's daughter, Maddie Brown, opened up about how social media negatively influenced Garrison. She addressed the issue in a lengthy Instagram video, saying:

"It wasn't bullying. It wasn't a lack of love that Garrison had; it was mental health. And I am going to continue talking about mental health and self-care until I am blue in the face."

Maddie stressed that people must realize that "social media isn't real," as most platform users only shared highlights of their best moments online. Therefore, it was crucial never to compare oneself to internet personalities.

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She claimed her late brother had been a victim of this issue, confessing, "Garrison used to feel like he wasn't doing enough because he was comparing himself to things on social media, and I don't think that it's real, and I think we need to remember that."