‘SNL’: Weekend Update Takes Jabs At Donald Trump, Walt Disney World & Kanye West

‘SNL’: Weekend Update Takes Jabs At Donald Trump, Walt Disney World & Kanye West

Colin Jost and Michael Che were back roasting the week in politics and pop culture on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” and this time Donald Trump, Kanye West and Walt Disney World took some hits.

Jost started off the night by poking fun at Trump after Facebook announced they were reinstating the former President of the United States adding, “But this time they’ll put guardrails in place to keep him under control, which I think is the same thing they said every time they tried to reopen Jurassic Park. Also, what even are guardrails on Facebook and can they apply to my uncle? Because he’s posted some very disturbing fan fiction about the green M&M.”

Trump became the punchline of another joke later on when Jost brought up that Senator Rick Scott announced he was running for re-election “promising to finish the border wall and name it after Donald Trump.”

“Even though most things named after Donald Trump are complete failures,” Jost said while a photo of Donald Trump Jr. was shared on-screen.

Another tidbit that made headlines this week was Walt Disney World officially closing Splash Mountain to start the retheming into The Princess & the Frog.

Jost joked, “Disney World is closing Splash Mountain to turn it into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure after complaints that its Song of the South theme was racist. OK, but where is the outrage about Disney forcing a mentally challenged dwarf to mine blood diamonds.”

A picture of Dopey from Snow White and the seven dwarfs was shown on-screen with a diamond in his hand.

Kanye West was part of another joke when Che brought up A.I. (artificial intelligence) chatbot that is reportedly letting people talk to Jesus and Hitler, “And one guy who thinks he’s both,” Che ended with a photo of the rapper appearing on-screen.

Watch the Weekend Update segment in the video posted below.