Socialite Consuelo Vanderbilt, hubby Rafael Feldman, split after 15 years of marriage

Socialite Consuelo Vanderbilt, hubby Rafael Feldman, split after 15 years of marriage

She’s one of the world’s most eligible bachelorettes again.

Consuelo Vanderbilt — an eighth-generation descendant of railroad magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt — is single, having legally separated from her husband of 15 years, Rafael Feldman, we hear.

Page Six has exclusively learned that New York-based Vanderbilt — a successful singer and the cofounder of a startup called SohoMuse — and Feldman split six months ago.

They’ve sold their marital home, and she’s moved to a Manhattan apartment, while Feldman, we hear, has decamped to Paris, and is keeping a New York pied-a-terre.

Said a pal of the attractive pair, “The two remain best friends.”

Rafael Feldman and Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin
The couple married in 2007 at a winery in Sonoma, Calif. Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

But the friend added, “because of an ironclad prenup he will have no money from the Vanderbilt family trust, or use of any of the vast properties like their camp in Upstate New York.”  

Vanderbilt, often referred to as the “Rebel Heiress,” has been known as “Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin,” but is now simplifying her famous name to just Vanderbilt. She confirmed the split when we reached out for comment, and told us from London Fashion Week of her ex, “We will always be the best of friends.”

She added that the marriage was “a beautiful collaboration,” and that the couple, “wrote over 1,000 songs together.”

Consuelo Vanderbilt
Vanderbilt is also the co-founder of the networking startup, SohoMuse, for creatives. Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
Consuelo Vanderbilt
Vanderbilt just walked in a Malan Breton fashion show in London.Getty Images

Feldman is an actor, filmmaker and real estate broker. They married in 2007 — when the bride was 27 and the groom was 29 — at a winery in Sonoma. (Feldman did not reply to a request for comment.)

The duo “expedited” their nuptials, Vanderbilt recalls, because her mother, Serena Vanderbilt Van Ingen McCallum, was in poor health at the time.

“She danced at my wedding,” Vanderbilt said. “I was her health proxy for four years.”

Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin and Rafael Feldman
Sources say the pair remains “best friends.” Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
Consuelo Vanderbilt
Vanderbilt consulted her “two fathers” about the split. Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

But the next day, her beloved mother “had a stroke on the way to the brunch,” and died months later.

“He held my mother’s hand when she died,” Vanderbilt says of her now estranged husband, adding that she planned her beloved mother’s life-affirming funeral.

She also recalled to us how she spent time with Princess Diana as a child with her mom — acting as the royals’ “ball girl” in tennis matches — as their family lineage includes a one-time Duchess of Marlborough.

Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin
Vanderbilt recently hosted a New York Fashion Week event at the Guggenheim. Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Vanderbilt says that her marriage was strained as she turned her attention from her career as a performer to cofounding her networking site, SohoMuse.

“I was always an artist, and he was always an artist, that’s how we met,” Vanderbilt told us of her ex.” But she said that running her current company, which helps creatives find jobs, “requires a whole other side of the brain,” and “18 to 20 hours a day.”

She says she’s sure “my marriage suffered,” and that her work became her life. But she wants to encourage women who develop professionally, adding, “Maybe your life just took on a different shape.”

Rafael Feldman
Feldman is a performer, filmmaker and a real estate broker. Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

She’s been consulting divorce attorneys and intends to remain based in NYC, but is also exploring properties in London, where she just walked in a fashion show by designer, Malan Breton.

A friend said she told them after the show, “I walked the runway feeling free and truly empowered.”

Her outfit included a Statue of Liberty headdress.

Rafael Feldman and Conseulo Vanderbilt Costin
Sources told Page Six that they have an “ironclad” prenup in place. Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Vanderbilt, 44, says she also has consulted her “two fathers” — life coach Brackenridge Costin and “Star Wars” producer Rick McCallum — about her divorce. (Costin is her father, and her mother subsequently got remarried to McCallum.)

Said a friend, “She needed advice on the family trusts.”

Vanderbilt told us, “My two fathers mean everything to me.”

Consuelo Vanderbilt
The socialite has had a successful singing career. Getty Images

Vanderbilt is not ruling out dating, saying, “I am focusing on work,” but she’s “open to meeting extraordinary people.”

We reported that she recently co-produced a “Latin Ignition” fashion show with Emilio Estefan at the Guggenheim Museum.

The pair are now eyeing potential events at Art Basel Miami Beach, and other markets.

Consuelo Vanderbilt
The entrepreneur was stuck in an elevator on the way to her own Guggenheim fashion event. Getty Images
Consuelo Vanderbilt
Vanderbilt is currently in London. Getty Images for Haute Living

In a dramatic twist before the show, she was rescued from her luxury apartment building’s elevator by “five hunky firemen” when she was trapped on her way to a rehearsal at the Guggenheim.

Maybe one of the FDNY heroes slipped her his phone number?

In the meantime, a pal said, “Consuelo will stay in London for two more weeks, working on her SohoMuse projects,” and, “she will now be reconnecting with her English roots as a single woman.”

Vanderbilt is also on the board of the Vanderbilt Museum, the one-time “Eagle’s Nest” mansion built by great-great-grandfather William K. Vanderbilt II.