Star Trek: Prodigy's Season 2 Trailer Is Here, And Confirms My Biggest Finale Worry Was Unnecessary

Star Trek: Prodigy's Season 2 Trailer Is Here, And Confirms My Biggest Finale Worry Was Unnecessary

It's been a long time coming, but Star Trek: Prodigy will finally arrive for fans with Netflix subscriptions on July 1. I was already as excited as everyone else to stream all twenty episodes of the upcoming Trek series all at once. Now that the first trailer is here, I'm breathing a lot easier, as some worries I had at the end of Season 1 are no longer in play after watching the footage.

Suffice it to say, the bar is high for some Star Trek fans for this upcoming season of Prodigy. While the animated series is intended for children, it provided some of the best episodes of the Trek franchise. It also gave us Vau N'Akat, one of the most exciting species that conveniently disappear when they die for a hilarious reason. Looks like we'll be getting more of the aliens in the upcoming season, and specifically more of Ella Purnell's Gwyn, whom I feared wouldn't be around much.

Gwyn isn't even just in the Star Trek: Prodigy trailer; she's all over the place. It's clear that her journey to search for the Vau N'Akat will coincide with Dal and the gang's time in Starfleet as they search for Chakotay. I had my doubts considering the, as Dal put it, "timey-wimey" element of the crew needing to go into an alternate future to retrieve him, but it looks like the adventures will bring the whole Protostar crew back together.

Plus, voice actress Ella Purnell's level of fame vaulted quite high (pun intended) following the release of Prime Video's Fallout. So her being fully invested with Gwyn's appearance could bring more eyes to the series.

What Does This Mean For Dal And Gwyn? 

While there are a lot of Star Trek: Prodigy fans wondering what will happen when Janeway and Chakotay's stories interlink again, I'm really curious about what will be up with Dal and Gwyn. The two teens shared a kiss before going their separate ways, and I'm sure they didn't imagine they'd be crossing paths again so quickly. Does anyone else have a feeling it's going to be awkward when they reunite?

I could definitely see Star Trek: Prodigy being awkward for Dal all around in Season 2, as he's no longer the Captain of a ship. He'll have to defer to Janeway, who is different from the Hologram Janeway they got to know in Season 1 before she sacrificed herself. Can he find his place on a new ship, or will he still try to lead the team on unsanctioned missions? Based on the trailer, I think the latter is a definite possibility.

Another exciting thing about Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 is that Robert Picardo will reprise his role from Voyager as the EMH. CinemaBlend has confirmed there will be more legacy cameos from other shows in the upcoming season, though I didn't recognize anyone from Starfleet in the above trailer. Perhaps that secret is being kept for those who tune in, in which case we all need to be ready!

As mentioned, Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 will premiere all twenty episodes on Monday, July 1st. Here's hoping the Trek fans turn out, and we get a quick Season 3 renewal, but we'll have to wait and see.