Sydney Sweeney Climbs A Tree In Tight Shorts

Sydney Sweeney Climbs A Tree In Tight Shorts

Sydney Sweeney was all smiles as she hung from the tree she’d climbed while showing off her legs in tight shorts recently. In a January Instagram share promoting the Miu Miu fashion brand she fronts, The White Lotus actress showed off a casual, leggy look as she got busy outdoors, and fans were loving it. Going thigh-skimming as she got athletic and climbed a tree, Sydney went monogrammed in a sweater bearing the Italian designer’s logo, making sure to also tag Miu Miu in her caption. Fans have left the blonde over 2.5 million likes.

Climbing Trees In Her Leggy Shorts

Scroll for the photos. Sending her fans a big grin as she ditched the red carpet dresses, Sydney posed with her legs wrapped around a tree branch as she dangled down and appeared to be having the time of her life.

Rocking a multi-tonal, striped green sweater with Miu Miu written all over it, the Euphoria actress added in skimpy, sporty gray shorts, keeping comfy in cozy gray socks and ditching her shoes.

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Letting her blonde locks hang loose as she screwed her face up into an adorable smile, Sydney dropped a second photo, this time striking a pose high up in the tree and using only one hand to hang on. In a caption, she wrote: “Hanging out with @miumiu #miumiuholiday #miuwander.”

“I have never wanted to be a tree more badly,” one fan replied. “Her smile always gets me,” another said.

“You can’t be competitive if you are not authentic and if you do not have a message — this is the most difficult part, the rest is execution. Our codes and values have been so important to us in two years, because that’s where everything starts, why you decide to buy at Miu Miu and not elsewhere,” Miu Miu stated in May 2022 as Sydney began fronting one of the brand’s handbags.

‘Special Delivery’ In Tight Booty Shorts

The above photo also came promoting Miu Miu as Sydney posed near small windows overlooking waters and modeled a beyond tiny pair of shorts while clutching a Miu Miu purse. The “special delivery” mentioned in her Instagram caption was clearly giving a nod to the Arcadie bag being showcased.

“We are very strong with Gen Z and Millennials, and this allows us to show that we are a relevant brand because those are the consumers of the future,” Miu Miu added, and Sydney 100% fits that audience.

Stunning In Bikini She Designed

Sydney doesn’t just front brands. The above shot showed off one of her designs as she joined forces with Frankie’s Bikinis for a high-profile swimwear collection last year. Sydney told fans she was dropping “another love letter” in her caption.