‘The Bachelorette’s Rachel Recchia Is In Her ‘Healing Era’ Amid Clayton Echard Reunion Rumors

‘The Bachelorette’s Rachel Recchia Is In Her ‘Healing Era’ Amid Clayton Echard Reunion Rumors

Everything seems to be ‘coming up roses’ for Rachel Recchia!

“The Bachelorette” beauty made headlines earlier this week for reuniting with some of her Bachelor Nation pals. Normally, fans wouldn’t likely blink an eye at this news, but there was a certain man in Recchia’s presence that raised some eyebrows!

The Blast has covered several aspects of Recchia’s journey to finding true love throughout her time in Bachelor Nation. The reality star was introduced to our small screens last year when she competed to win Clayton Echard’s heart on his season of “The Bachelor.”

After one of the most memorable breakups in modern Bachelor Nation history, Recchia and her bestie Gabby Windey would go on to share the title of the ‘Bachelorette’ for the series’ latest season.

Recchia’s heart belonged to frontrunner contestant Tino Franco, however, the sparks quickly dwindled after the duo broke their engagement following Franco’s cheating allegations.

So, Who Is Recchia Dating Now?

The exact answer to this question may be unknown, but Bachelor Nation fans were certainly given an unexpected surprise earlier this week! Recchia was spotted hanging out with her bestie, fellow former ‘Bachelorette’ Michelle Young, and the duo documented their fun on social media; they were also joined by “Love Is Blind” alumna Giannina Gibelli, and her man, ‘Bachelorette’ alum Blake Horstmann.

Bachelor Nation’s social media was lit up with a conversation about the duo’s flirtatious (and quite cryptic) reunion! Echard appeared in multiple TikToks posted by both Recchia and Young.

“You know her Dad is p*ssed,” a fan responded to one of entertainment reporter Zachary Reality’s Twitter threads about the reunion. Recchia’s father, ‘Big Tony,’ was featured on both her ‘Bachelorette’ season and in the ‘hometown’ portion of Echard’s ‘Bachelor’ season.

“Okay but I knew she was never over Clayton!!,” another fan theorized.

The cryptic nature of the duo’s TikToks wasn’t missed on Echard’s ex, Susie Evans!

The duo would reunite after the conclusion of Echard’s season off-screen and would date for a few months before splitting up. Evans was also a key presence in Echard’s messy partings with Recchia and Windey; he would go on to tell both women he was not only in love with both of them but also felt the same way for Evans!

The wedding photographer, who seems to be on good enough terms with Echard after being spotted in the comment section of multiple recent Instagram posts of his, seemingly had something to say about her ex’s rumored new relationship!

According to Elite Daily, Evans reportedly posted an Instagram story on February 1st, captioning it, “Walking on the side of the street with sun not shade >.”

Recchia Responds To The Relationship Rumors

Rachel Recchia's Instagram storyInstagram|@pilot.rachel

The cryptic nature of Recchia’s social media activity was seemingly put to an end on Friday, when she posted an Instagram story addressing the rumors, and also gave insight into her healing journey.

Posing with a pair of Beats headphones while seemingly riding with the top down, Recchia wrote, “u guys had me dedd it’s all in good fun,” adding a white heart emoji.

“healing and forgiveness is a lesson I had trouble learning for a long time,” she continued. “i promise i’m not leaving this era quite yet,” Recchia concluded.

Recchia previously commented on the nature of her feelings toward entering the dating scene once again.

In December, The Blast shared the news of Recchia’s move to California from Illinois. While enjoying the California sun, Recchia also embraced getting to know some new fish in the sea!

“You know I’m trying to date a little bit,” Recchia told reporters at the iHeartRadio music festival. “very open to see what happens. I’m putting myself back out there and seeing how it goes.”

Recchia went on to dish on the difficulties of dating in Los Angeles. When a CelebSecrets reporter gave her some sympathetic encouragement, offering it was “hard” getting back into the swing of things, Recchia agreed.

“It is! Especially in L.A. no one tells you that!”

“I just honestly am just really open to getting to know someone,” she added.

Recchia later revealed she had been on a “casual” coffee date with a gentleman caller who’d slid into her DMs on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast. A kiss was “maybe” involved on this mysterious date as well!