The Flash Director Celebrates Batman Day With BTS Images Of His Trio Of Bruce Waynes

The Flash Director Celebrates Batman Day With BTS Images Of His Trio Of Bruce Waynes

The comic book genre has been dominating the entertainment industry for years now. But there are a few heroes who stand out as fan favorites, and for DC that's definitely Batman. The Caped Crusader has been adapted for film countless times throughout the years, most recently appearing in Andy Muschietti's The Flash. And to celebrate Batman Day, the filmmaker shared BTS images from his trio of Bruce Waynes. Let's break it all down.

Andy Muschietti shocked audiences when his recent DC movie not only included Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton's Batman, but the ending of The Flash also brought back George Clooney as Bruce Wayne. The IT filmmaker recently posted some images from the set on Instagram to celebrate Batman Day, and they're pretty striking set photos. Case in point, the following shot with Keaton.

I mean, how cool is that? Michael Keaton is the OG big screen Batman, and you can't deny how awesome he looks in the cape and cowl. Fans were hyped when Keaton reprised his role in The Flash, in addition to his role in the scrapped Batgirl movie. But  it's currently unclear if he'll ever get the chance to play Gotham's protector again.

Of course, Keaton wasn't the only version of Batman to appear during The Flash's runtime. While he was the Caped Crusader in the alternate universe Barry Allen accidentally creates, Ben Affleck was also featured as Bruce Wayne. Muschietti posted a shot of him BTS, check it out below:

While the trailer The Flash confirmed those two versions of Batman, moviegoers were shocked when a third Bruce Wayne popped during its final moments. Because after Barry tried to set the multiverse right by undoing his choice to save his mother, it turns out things didn't really go back to normal. Because George Clooney's Bruce Wayne appears in a truly wild cliffhanger.

Andy Muschietti did the impossible by getting Clooney to pay Batman considering how often he's poked fun at his work on Batman & Robin. Check out a shot of them collaborating on set below:

While this cliffhanger ending for The Flash was mind blowing, it's unclear if we'll ever get any answers or see this story continued. Andy Muschietti's movie was a box office disappointment, and star Ezra Miller was involved in a number of controversies. Add in James Gunn becoming new co-CEO of the DCU and crafting a new vision for the shared universe, and it seems unlikely that we might get a second Flash movie. Only time will tell. But given how wild it was that George Clooney played Batman again, I'm hoping we get a bit more from this plot point. 

The Flash is streaming now on Max. Be sure to check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.