The Internet Can't Get Enough Of Sydney Sweeney's Madame Web Roast During Her SNL Monologue (But Even Dakota Johnson Would Have To Agree)

The Internet Can't Get Enough Of Sydney Sweeney's Madame Web Roast During Her SNL Monologue (But Even Dakota Johnson Would Have To Agree)

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney has joined her first superhero movie, as she plays future Spider-Woman Julia Cornwall in Madame Web. Unfortunately, Sony’s Spider-Man Universe film opened to dismal reviews and box office numbers. Sweeney was the latest of 2024’s SNL hosts and, while on the show, she roasted the flick amid her opening monologue. And, since then, the Internet can’t get enough of. In fact, even Dakota Johnson would have to agree with the humorous jab.

Sydney Sweeney faced her “biggest fear” by hosting SNL and took on those hilarious sketches like a champ. But, one of Sweeney’s most memorable jokes that night was her roast of her latest movie and the Internet got a real kick out of it. Here’s one laugh-out-loud post from X (formerly known as Twitter) that showed a clip of the Euphoria star’s jab at the box office flop:

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As the clip shows, Sydney Sweeney mentioned that fans might have seen her in hits like Anyone But You and Euphoria, but “you definitely did not see me in Madame Web." That was a major burn that truly did “cook” the superhero flick. It’s a very obvious reference to the brutal way critics responded to MW. Man of them felt the superhero origin story was “messy” and trying to be more than what it was.

Another X user posted their take on what the actress did after Madame Web released into the world:

She took that check and never looked back.

You can definitely argue that Madame Web’s star, Dakota Johnson, might have done the same thing. Apparently, she admitted she doesn’t plan to see the Marvel Comics-based movie as a form of “self-care” towards her mental health. I feel like I would be my own critic when seeing my own movies as well. As the movie has gotten a lot of hate lately, I could understand wanting to sit this one out. And if Johnson saw her co-star’s roast towards their movie, I’d like to believe she’d find humor in the line like fans did. 

The following X user expressed frustration over the superhero movie not effectively utilizing the Sharp Objects actress:

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Sydney Sweeney does have a lot of talent and, as of right now, it would appear that many are of the belief that she was underserved in her first superhero production. What’s truly “criminal” is that the most interesting parts of Madame Web feature Sweeney suited up as Spider-Woman, though they're only flash-forward sequences. 

Another X post made mention of what many of us are thinking when hearing Sydney Sweeney’s monologue jab:

Sydney just cooked Madame Web right there.

Yes, she did. Sydney Sweeney has joked about Madame Web before like when she recommended fans have a double feature of the SSU movie and Anyone But You. For the record, she’d prefer you see her play Julia Cornwall first and then “laugh, cry, and dance” to her rom-com after. (It's worth mentioning that her team-up with Top Gun: Maverick’s Glen Powell was a surprise box office success.)

One more tweet found a clever way to incorporate a Glee reference that’s been dominating TikTok. Check it out:

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I have a feeling people will now be using Kurt singing “Rose’s Turn” to describe what a lot of actors feel when their movies flop. It's hard to predict how a film might be received, as flops sometimes happen. However, they don't have to necessarily define a performer.

Sydney Sweeney’s Madame Web may not have gotten the box office and critical reception desired, but she’s being a good sport by showing humor in it. Now, seriously, I'd love to hear Dakota Johnson's take on this joke. 

You can watch The White Lotus star’s first time hosting SNL by streaming the episode with a Peacock subscription. Also, make sure to continue catching new episodes of Saturday Night Live's 49th season as part of the 2024 TV schedule on Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.