‘The Real’ Adrienne Bailon’s Son Welcomed Home A Month After Birth

‘The Real’ Adrienne Bailon’s Son Welcomed Home A Month After Birth

Adrienne Bailon has brought her baby boy, Ever James Houghton, home for the first time since she welcomed him.

The television personality and her husband, Israel Houghton, surprised the world when they announced via social media that they welcomed their first child together via surrogate. Unfortunately, the sweet boy has not been home until now, and his mom celebrated the feat with an Instagram reel.

Adrienne Bailon Welcomes Baby Boy Home A Month After His Birth

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The reel kicked off with Bailon holding the boy, who appeared to be sleeping in her arms as she spoke to the camera. She said:

“Okay, so, we just got home. And it’s Ever’s first time coming to the house. And I’m like ‘boy, wake up. It’s your first time home. Are you ready to see your house where you live?’ We traveled all the way across the country. You’ve already been to so many states, and now it’s time for you to come home.”

Subsequent shots showed Ever enjoying cuddles with different members of his extended family, including Bailon’s sister-in-law, Mariah. The clip’s mood is sweet and emotional thanks to Houghton and New Breed belting out lyrics to their song, “Feels Like Home,” in the background.

That emotional aspect earned the video over 700k views, 95k+ likes, and 1k+ comments, including some from verified Instagram users and celebrities. While former “The Real” co-host Tamera Mowry could only express her feelings with multiple tears emojis, stylist Emily B said the clip was “so sweet.”

Even Ever’s dad stepped into the comments to gush, “Omg. He’s just so perfectly cute.” Khloe Kardashian denied she was crying, and a fan added, “your blessing has brought a smile to so many ppl bc we knew how much you guys deserved [SIC] this blessing!!”

The blessing might have something to do with Bailon and Houghton being able to have an at-home birth, providing them with support from the former’s sister and mother. Earlier this month, The Blast reported that the former The Cheetah Girls member revealed:

“Obviously, with COVID protocols and all those kinds of things, you’re limited to how many people can be in the room [at a hospital]. With the home birth, you don’t have those limitations.”

In addition to Ever meeting his grandma, aunt, and stepsister — from Houghton’s side- Bailon was allowed instant skin-to-skin contact upon his arrival.

The “Being Mary Jane” Actress Gets A Tattoo In Honor Of Her Son

Days after she welcomed her baby boy, Bailon got a tattoo to immortalize him. Per The Blast, the Daytime Emmy Award winner initially showed off her newly tattooed hand, her child’s name inked below her ring-adorned pinky, with a picture on her Instagram Story. 

Although her face was excluded from the update, the 38-year-old appeared to be buttoning up her shirt, placing the tattooed hand in full view. The mother-of-one made another post about her son, including herself and the little one’s sweater-covered hand. Bailon wore a white camisole and matching button-up shirt as she cuddled Ever, protected with a blanket.

The “Empire Girls: Julissa and Adrienne” star’s next image included a Styrofoam cup with “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Houghton” printed on it. There was also the indication that the container was recyclable.

Additionally, Bailon had “Ever’s Mami” scribbled by the cup’s side, declaring her pride as a first-time mom to the world. When Ever arrived, his parents released a joint Instagram statement to announce and welcome him into their lives. Along with a picture of his mom cuddling him while his dad hugged them from behind, they wrote:

“Ever James [infinity sign]. For this child we have prayed. Just to hear our baby cry. Skin to skin and face to face, Heart to heart and eye to eye.” 

Bailon and Houghton did not shy away from talking about how challenging the journey to birth Ever was for them, stating that God was undoubtedly “true to His word and promises.” 

The lovebirds further divulged that they had been “sitting on this most magnificent secret for the last nine months,” adding that the newborn was worth “every tear, every disappointment, every delayed prayer, every IVF cycle, every miscarriage.”

They ended the statement by appreciating God, the surrogate, and the family and friends that supported them throughout the five-year journey to becoming parents.