The secrets behind Gisele Bündchen’s jacked arms, model figure revealed

The secrets behind Gisele Bündchen’s jacked arms, model figure revealed

Gisele Bündchen has shared the secret behind her muscular arms that she put on display earlier this month.

The supermodel told Women’s Health that, although she’s been into yoga and jiu-jitsu for years, she’s recently added weight training into her fitness mix.

“It just helps you feel stronger,” she told the publication, adding that she prefers to lift 10 pounds or less with increasing repetitions.

Sometimes, however, she’ll up the weight to 25 pounds and do fewer reps.

Bündchen, 43, also admitted that cigarettes, mocha frappuccinos and red wine comprised her diet in her younger years and since has realized her body is meant to be cherished.

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel shared that she recently got into weight training, telling Women’s Health, “It just helps you feel stronger.”MEGA / BACKGRID She’s also long practiced jiu-jitsu with her go-to trainer Joaquim Valente.Gisele Bundchen/Instagram

“Our body is our temple, our home, the place we’ve been given,” the former Victoria’s Secret Angel said at a Gaia Herbs event panel in New York earlier this month.

“We get to experience this amazing planet we live in.”

These days, she wakes up at 5:00 a.m. to meditate and jog with her dog, followed by a session of yoga.

“Moving is just part of my every day,” she added.

Yoga and meditation are also daily practices for the supermodel.gisele/Instagram

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The Grendene collaborator shocked fans when she was seen departing a Miami gym with arms that looked more shredded than ever.

Dressed in a white tank top and black biker shorts that put her long, toned legs on display, Bündchen made her way into her car looking unfazed despite having completed a grueling workout with her longtime jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente.

Rumors have swirled consistently that Valente and Bündchen enjoy more than just a trainer-trainee relationship since she and Tom Brady finalized their divorce in October 2022. The pair have become so inseparable that Valente even accompanied the model and her family on multiple trips to Costa Rica.

“Our body is our temple, our home, the place we’ve been given,” she explained.gisele/Instagram

A source told Page Six last year that she and Valente have a “strictly platonic and professional” relationship, and Bündchen echoed that in an interview with Vanity Fair.

“Seeing lies being created all the time about yourself is not easy,” she said.

“I’m a simple girl who wants to be in nature — leave me alone. I just want to go do my job and raise my children in peace.”