The Story Behind How SNL's Please Don't Destroy Played A Role In Getting Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift Together

The Story Behind How SNL's Please Don't Destroy Played A Role In Getting Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift Together

The comedy trio Please Don’t Destroy have worked with some major powerhouses in creating hilarious skits and music videos for Saturday Night Live. The caliber of talent who is game for their antics is impressive even to them, as they previously said they were shocked that Taylor Swift agreed to collaborate with them on “Three Sad Virgins.” But while the “Anti-Hero” singer was making fun of their love lives, did Please Don’t Destroy actually help her with hers? Keep reading to see how the comedians apparently played a role in Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship.

Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and Martin Herlihy of Please Don’t Destroy spoke on Mike Birbiglia’s Working It Out podcast about America’s favorite power couple and how they’d met both of them through SNL. Marshall recalled Taylor Swift mentioning the tight end to them after seeing him guest-host in March 2023. Marshall said: 

We worked with both Taylor and Travis Kelce before they got together and she kind of told us that she watched his SNL episode and saw him in our video and was like, ‘Oh, this guy seems funny!’ So [we] a little bit brought them together, and we were, like, thinking about maybe saying that on Fallon, and then we were like, I think that if then they ever break up, we will somehow be, like, pinned with causing this disaster. It’s just a very precarious situation. People have such strong feelings.

Taylor Swift was likely referring to the “Self-Defense” skit that Travis Kelce did with Please Don’t Destroy, in which he basically beat the shit out of the comedic trio while teaching a self-defense class. You can see the hilarious sketch below: 

Apparently watching Travis Kelce (or Kurt Lightning, rather) cold-cock the SNL writers did it for Taylor Swift, which I’d take personal offense to if I were Please Don’t Destroy, especially given that she had previously teamed up with Pete Davidson to roast them in the “Three Sad Virgins” skit.

I can understand why they might have been apprehensive about revealing their connection to the couple, because if they don’t turn out to be “End Game,” Swifties are going to be looking for somebody to blame. 

However, the Please Don’t Destroy members aren’t the first people to take or be given credit for Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship. Andy Reid has been joking that he set up the couple ever since Taylor Swift was first seen dropping F-bombs at Travis Kelce’s games. The singer also did NFL reporter Erin Andrews a solid by wearing a jacket from her clothing line, possibly to thank her for her role in getting them together.

Regardless of who we have to thank for this love story, it seems like Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce remain close with the Saturday Night Live crew. Back in October, they dropped by 30 Rockefeller Plaza during taping and ended up doing last-minute cameos, before Kelce was caught being a total gentleman while escorting his girlfriend into the SNL afterparty.

The lovebirds seem to still be going strong as Travis Kelce just secured a third Super Bowl ring for himself and the music icon prepares to release Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version) on March 15 for those with a Disney+ subscription — and that’s just one of many things Swifties have to look forward to