The Story Behind Mandy Moore's Early Acting Gig On Scrubs, And What It Was Like To Film With Then-Boyfriend Zach Braff

The Story Behind Mandy Moore's Early Acting Gig On Scrubs, And What It Was Like To Film With Then-Boyfriend Zach Braff

Mandy Moore is one of the best 2000s movies queens (if not the best, and yes, I am aging myself). She recently shared a major The Princess Diaries throwback reminding us of that fun gig, not to mention starred in Chasing Liberty and many other great rom-coms in the Y2K era. Now, some of her other early roles have resurfaced, and while they all prove she’s left no stone unturned, there’s one that is especially nostalgic: Her role as Julie Quinn on the brilliantly funny Scrubs. She acted alongside then-boyfriend, Zach Braff, who also starred in what is still considered one of the best tv comedy shows to this day. And what she had to say about working with him is sweet, humble, and just very on-brand for her.

Mandy Moore's medical TV show resume is impressive, having also played in Grey’s Anatomy. On Scrubs, she guest-starred in Season 5 for two episodes ("My Half-Acre" and "Her Story II") as the klutzy love interest to Zach Braff's J.D.  Unfortunately, their relationship didn't on screen last long because J.D. wanted something long-term while Julie didn't.

Even though her time was short on the sitcom, she mentioned in an interview with The A.V. Club that her role in Scrubs holds a special place because it was her first TV show appearance where she got to play a different character, and also work with Zach Braff – but don’t think there was any awkwardness or bad vibes on set. She was all gush as she talked about her time on the show:

I loved it. I was dating Zach Braff at the time, so I spent a lot of time on that set. I felt comfortable around everyone, so it felt like an easy foray for dipping my toes into TV. Honestly, I was flattered they asked me. It wasn’t an assumption that I’d cameo because he’s my boyfriend. It’s a beloved show. I was honored that was my first experience.

Mandy Moore was on Scrubs near the end of her relationship with Braff, whom she dated from 2004 to 2006. Still, she went on to talk about how while she had a great time on the Scrubs set, she has since discovered more about the roles she really wants to pursue versus those that she doesn’t when it comes to sitcoms.

Comedy apparently isn't her strong suit, and she would prefer doing a traditional single-cam sitcom instead of a multi-cam. (Which she said doesn’t really exist anymore for those who want to get really technical). 

Of course, I don’t have to going in-depth to explain the big moves Mandy Moore has made since she starred opposite her then-boyfriend. There's This Is Us and Dr. Death, and even voicing Rapunzel in Disney’s Tangled cast, she’s done it all. Even if she doesn’t ever play a role like Julie Quinn again, just taking the trip down memory lane and learning how much she enjoyed and valued her experience is worth a rewatch of her episodes – and maybe a few more of the best Scrubs episodes after or a total re-binge of the series, who knows?