This Online Group Is Dedicated To Things That Aged Like Wine And Here Are 73 Of The Best Ones

This Online Group Is Dedicated To Things That Aged Like Wine And Here Are 73 Of The Best Ones

We often hear about things that aged like milk and turned sour, to say the least. Think of statements like “Man won’t fly for a million years,” made by The New York Times in 1903 just a few days before the Wright Brothers invented the first plane, or Google advertising itself as “a pure search engine with no links to sponsors, no news feed, no portal litter, no ads, and no weather” in 1999. Read on for more disastrously wrong examples of things that turned sour in our previous post right here.

But this time we’re looking at the opposite examples that stood strong against the test of time and proved they were 100% right. Thanks to the miscellaneous corner of Reddit r/AgedLikeWine, we have some brilliant posts ready below.

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#1 X Æ A-12

Image credits: Midwestern_Pariah

#2 Bill Gates' Response In R/Iama Question

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#3 This Yahoo Poll

Image credits: mortalstampede

#4 I Don’t Like Him But He’s Right

Image credits: berniesanders

#5 Who’s Gonna Tell Him...

Image credits: Zarkytal

#6 He Called It 6 Years Ahead Of Time

Image credits: Maroondrew

#7 In 2018, President Trump Attacked Carrots The Turkey For Refusing To Concede He Had Lost The Vote On The White House Turkey Pardon Contest. "This Was A Fair Election... Unfortunately, Carrots Refused To Concede And Demanded A Recount."

Image credits: 2RoamRome

#8 Somewhat Predictable But Still Hilarious

Image credits: AdonisAquarian

#9 I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Image credits: JDSadinger7

#10 I Could Not Be More Proud Of A Guy I've Never Met

Image credits: Sunz09

#11 This Guy Got The Name Of Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom’s Newborn Daughter Spot On

Image credits: CaseyKidd

#12 Ask And You Shall Recieve

Image credits: ChrisMMatthews

#13 Guy Beats Cancer

Image credits: sextraveler

#14 This Is From The Times Of 2009 H1n1 Pandemic

Image credits: He-is

#15 Ricky Gervais In 2016

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#16 Aged Like A Million Dollar Wine

Image credits: ChowGood

#17 Damn He Called It

Image credits: minecraftjahseh

#18 Be On The Lookout For The Fly In Another 4 Years

Image credits: 1kliMtoG

#19 My Man Is Rich Now

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#20 The Simpsons Calling It In 1998

Image credits: monsterflake

#21 He’s Back

Image credits: Mister_Nova

#22 Hands Up Who Owes This Guy An Apology

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#23 This Aged Well In The Worst Way Possible

Image credits: Jymble

#24 Coming Soon To A City Near You

Image credits: Nite_Watch3

#25 This Vine

Image credits: Mirza16498

#26 This Was In 2017

Image credits: thacarter72

#27 When We All Have Pocket Telephones (Daily Mirror, 1923)

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#28 Anyone Else Remember Drawn Together?

Image credits: GreasyGallimimus

#29 Think This Fits Here

Image credits: razor_face_

#30 Exactly 2 Years Ago

Image credits: TheStrongestLink

#31 1 Month Later

Image credits: Orgorick

#32 This Comment From Four Years Ago, When Untitled Goose Game Was Just A Fun Project Between Four Friends And Didn't Have An Official Name Yet

Image credits: Pregnantcannibal

#33 Don’t Go

Image credits: iGetHighPlayRS

#34 A Positive For Sure!

Image credits: cock_punch_

#35 In A 2012 Episode Of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett Predicted The Ok Symbol Would Be Offensive In The Future

Image credits: NickE85

#36 Man Predicts Mobile Phone Technology In 1953

Image credits: down_vote_magnet

#37 Unfortunately I Do Have Predicting Abilities

Image credits: the-koolio

#38 This Youtube Comment On A Billie Eilish Video

Image credits: PhrygianZero

#39 An Article By The Onion In 2014

Image credits: TheFriendlyKraut

#40 They Knew

Image credits: brucethemidget

#41 7 Years Later

Image credits: alexdiezg

#42 Johnny Depp Called This One From The Second Pirates Movie

Image credits: Scrappy1918

#43 On A Video About Joaquin Phoenix’s Best Performances

Image credits: PickleChuckle

#44 Then Everything Changed When The Friends Nation Attacked

Image credits: futureadam8

#45 Well, That Came Right Back At Ya

Image credits: UhhhhhNoThanks

#46 This Was Supposed To Aged Like Milk, Sadly It Didn't

Image credits: STerrier666

#47 The Prophecy

Image credits: miserablemembership

#48 Corona Beer Shares Dived 8% This Week Amid Fears Of Getting Corona Virus From Drinking It

Image credits: JazzTrack

#49 The Onion Predicted It To The Letter

Image credits: HandMadeFeelings

#50 It's Perfect

Image credits: bTruu

#51 Finally Remembering Where I Put My Wallet

Image credits: I_Reddit_At_Work

#52 There Is Always A Tweet

Image credits: lawleries

#53 Elon Musk And Grimes

Image credits: Fluxrh

#54 Mad Magazine Cover From Feb. 2002

Image credits: asdfpartyy

#55 We Haven't Matured In A Century

Image credits: look4alec

#56 Batman Setting The Trend 8 Years Early

Image credits: Scrappy1918

#57 This And Hundreds Other Similar Quotes

Image credits: Nakatsukasa

#58 Accurate

Image credits: Zoey1927

#59 The Wine Taste Bad, But It Still Aged Well(If That Makes Sense)

Image credits: darkkiller1234

#60 This Reddit Comment About Kevin Spacey From 5 Years Ago

Image credits: MrCheesecake69

#61 Sums It Up

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#62 This Dilbert Strip From 1990

Image credits: frickin_goblin_

#63 I Was Browsing Through The Top Posts Of R/Askreddit And Then I Saw This

Image credits: MehEhWhatever

#64 Community S02e17, 2011

Image credits: Storuliukas

#65 This Tweet Aged Well

Image credits: Lil_Chipclip

#66 Rumble Tumble The Prophet

Image credits: PapperMairoo

#67 Simpsons At It Again

Image credits: Comunisation

#68 Ah, Beautiful

Image credits: thatsitrose

#69 We Were Warned!

Image credits: dingogordy

#70 America

Image credits: Osmirl

#71 Close Enough

Image credits: lytele

#72 Noamstradamus Predicted Six Years Ago

Image credits: AaronRodgers_

#73 He Knew Something

Image credits: jennanm