Tiger Woods Named As Witness In A Florida Car Accident Case

Tiger Woods Named As Witness In A Florida Car Accident Case

Tiger Woods' infamous troubles with cars continue with an incident in Palm Beach County, Florida — fortunately, he is not the culprit behind the wheel.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Florida's Highway Patrol listed the renowned golfer as a witness to a car accident that occurred a few months ago.

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Tiger Woods Linked To Palm Beach County Car Accident

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In the documents, Woods was listed as a witness to the car accident in Palm Beach County alongside another woman. They are set to recount what happened when the culprit, Humberto Caceres, was cited for careless driving.

Florida's Highway Patrol listed Caceres's offense as "Careless driving. Unable to slow/stop to avoid vehicle that had to suddenly stop due to traffic." The accident was described as a "front to rear crash" that resulted in over $65,000 in property damages.

The report noted someone had suffered an injury; however, it wasn't serious bodily harm, nor was it fatal. It is unclear who the victim is or what role Woods played in the incident, but it marks one of many car accidents involving the renowned golfer.

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The Pro Golfer's Infamous Car Crash Exposed His Infidelity

Tiger Woods Injured In Single Car Accident In Los AngelesMEGA

One of Woods's most famous car accidents occurred in 2009 when he crashed his Cadillac Escalade into a neighbor's tree outside his Florida home. He was knocked unconscious by the impact and later rescued by his then-wife, Elin Nordegren.

The model used a golf club to bust open the car's window and dragged Woods out onto the street, where EMS found him asleep without any socks or shoes on. Eventually, fans' curiosity about why the golfer left his home at 2:30 in the morning exposed his dark secrets.

Woods' series of infidelities came to light, tarnishing his image and rocking his marriage to Nordegren. With the cat out of the bag, the athlete was forced to apologize for cheating publicly, and he did so in a heartfelt statement, per The New York Post.

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However, the damage had already been done as multiple corporate sponsors dropped him, and his career went downhill.

Amid the scandal, Woods reportedly checked himself into the Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services clinic in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, a facility that specializes in sex addiction.

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A DUI Incident Ruined Woods' Efforts To Reform His Image

Tiger Woods cuffed and arrested -- stills from dash cam footage of DUI arrestMEGA

Following his cheating scandal, the World Golf Hall of Fame honoree actively fought to reform his public image and fix his private life. Unfortunately, his attempts to boost his professional and personal life came crashing down in 2017.

Woods was arrested on DUI charges in Florida when authorities found him passed out behind the wheel of his Mercedes-Benz. The mug shot taken at the time captured the pro golfer with tired eyes and messy hair.

That wasn't all; drug tests revealed he had Vicodin, Dilaudid, Xanax, Ambien, and THC — the active ingredient in marijuana — in his system. Authorities also noted he had been involved in a minor car accident before they found him.

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Following his arrest, Woods claimed he was seeking professional help to manage his medications for back pain and sleep disorder. He pleaded guilty to reckless driving in a deal to avoid conviction for DUI and was sentenced to one year of probation plus a $250 fine.

The 48-Year-Old Dealt With An Ankle Surgery

Tiger Woods at The 150th Open Golf - St Andrews Old Course - Day TwoMEGA

Last November, The Blast reported that Woods had successfully recovered from ankle surgery and was ready to compete in his highly anticipated return to the PGA Tour.

The professional golfer dropped out of the sport for a seven-month recovery period after an ankle injury in April 2023. However, he returned with a splash for his first competition at the Hero World Challenge.

The golf tournament hosted by the Woods takes place each December, with twenty top-ranked golf stars competing for the $3.5 million prize. The competition benefits the golfer's Tiger Woods Foundation and serves as an unofficial event in the PGA Tour.

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Tiger Woods Left Competitive Golf To Treat Post-traumatic Arthritis

Tiger Woods and Son Charlie Compete at PNC Championship in OrlandoMEGA

Woods was forced to withdraw from a golf tournament in April following the reaggravation of his plantar fasciitis. At the time, The Blast shared that he addressed the situation on X with a health update that read:

"Earlier today, Tiger Woods underwent a subtalar fusion procedure to address post-traumatic arthritis from his previous talus fracture."

The statement noted that the ankle surgery performed by "Dr. Martin O'Malley at HSS Sports Medicine Institute in New York City" was completed without issues, and the athlete was gearing up for rehabilitation.