TikTok Food Critic Keith Lee Helps Another Vegas Food Business Thrive!

TikTok Food Critic Keith Lee Helps Another Vegas Food Business Thrive!

TikTok food critic Keith Lee is at it again!

After recently helping a Las Vegas pizzeria get some much-needed attention to help business go from none to tons, the food critic recently helped another Vegas eatery. In his travels, Lee came across a random food truck and decided to stop and check it out. That became one of the best things to happen to Gary of Southern Taste Seafood.

Keith Lee Helped Get The Word Out For Southern Taste Seafood In Las Vegas

TikTok food critic Keith LeeKeith Lee – TikTok

Lee’s first video explaining how he came across the food truck received more than 24 million views in just a few short days. “Today, I spent $450 on a burger. Let’s try it and rate it 1 to 10,” he began his video. “I like to work out a log and last night I did a 10-mile bike ride. On my way home from the bike ride, I was riding past the street, on the street there was a food truck. Never seen this food truck before. The foodie in me got interested immediately.”

His story continues by explaining what happened after he walked up to the food truck and saw it was a seafood place. “I’m allergic to shellfish, so I was like, oh never mind,” he continued. “While I was saying that to myself, I looked up and it was one person in the food truck. His name is Gary. Gary asked me what I wanted. I told him, oh never mind, I’m allergic to shellfish.”

That’s when Gary told him he also sells burgers, fries, and catfish. After having a conversation about Lee’s shellfish allergy and the fact that he cannot consume anything that has been near shellfish, Gary had a solution. “He was like, I can get clean bowls, clean utensils, clean dishes, clean oil. He was like don’t worry about it,” he said. After talking about the fact that the truck was about to close for the night since it was 10 p.m., Gary asked him to come back the following day and everything will be made fresh for Lee.

The following day, Lee kept his word and showed up to the food truck at noon, and again, the truck was without customers. “He told me he’s just trying to survive right now, and it’s very slow. He’s lucky if he gets five to 10 people in,” Lee explained. After finding out that he did exactly what he said he would by getting fresh bowls and utensils, Lee asked how much the burger is, and Gary said “nothing, it’s on the house just for you coming back.”

Lee explained that’s not happening, and found out his cash app. After going live the other day passing out food to the less fortunate, Lee was sent $450 and he in turn sent that right to Gary’s cash app instead of the $10 originally discussed for the burger.

After a conversation about the amount of money Lee sent Gary and seeing the gratitude from the food truck owner, Lee said, “I love moments like that because I’m so thankful and so grateful from the bottom of my heart to be a vessel and to help people like that.”

It was then time for Lee to try the food and give his honest thoughts. “I’m very picky about the fries I eat. To me, that’s a good fry,” he said after trying some of the fries before digging into the burger. “Yeah, Gary. Yeah, Gary. You about to make me cry. Yeah, Gary, hell, yeah, delicious.”

Lee rated the burger a 9.5 out of 10. “Especially to be a place that don’t specialize in burger. He makes seafood,” he said. “Gary, from the bottom of my heart, I pray that that changes. You deserve it.”

A Follow Up Video Showed The Power Of Keith Lee’s Social Media Reach

Keith Lee on TikTokKeith Lee – TikTok

Lee did a quick 1-hour update video to share the reach his one video had. “I posted the Mr. Gary video an hour ago, and it’s already at 3.4 million views last time I checked. With that being said, I gave Mr. Gary a call because I know he’s older and he don’t really know how to use social media,” Lee said. “So all of this is very overwhelming and that’s the first thing he said. He said he’s already got 99 plus calls and he don’t know what to do.”

In addition to all the calls, Gary also got tons of cash app payments without anyone buying anything. Lee explained that good people want to see good people do well and that’s why Lee’s followers were sending Gary money with nothing expected in return.

“So I’m making this to say, if you gonna go to his food truck tomorrow, please expect to wait a long time,” Lee said. “He’s a super small struggling food truck for a reason. He can’t afford to hire nobody right now, so it’s just him by himself.”

Southern Taste SeafoodSouthern Taste Seafood – Instagram

Lee posted another update video the day after his first video about the Southern Taste Seafood food truck was shared. Lee explained that Gary now has help in the truck and his son was running his social media accounts.

When Lee first found his Instagram page, the food truck only had 200 followers. That number grew to 9,000 in just a day. Now, just days later, his Instagram followers have grown to more than 18.4K, proving the power of social media marketing.