TikToker Expresses Her Shock After Seeing One Of The NYC ‘Punchers’ Back On The Street

TikToker Expresses Her Shock After Seeing One Of The NYC ‘Punchers’ Back On The Street

Following a string of incidents in New York City of women being randomly punched as they walked down the street, one TikTok creator had an important message to share.

The creator who goes by ProducHER_nyc on the app shared a few videos recently after she spotted one of the men accused of punching a woman on the street. And now, she's speaking out in the hopes of helping other women in the city.

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TikTok Creator ProducHER Spotted Skaboky Stora Walking Around Brooklyn Recently

Producher_nyc on TikTokTikTok | Producher_nyc

After spotting the man who was arrested for punching an influencer in the face last month, ProducHER took to TikTok to share an important message in the hopes of warning other women in the city.

Skaboky Stora of Brooklyn was arrested in connection to the attack of at least one woman, influencer Halley Kate. But shortly after his arrest, he's been spotted out and about in the city, to ProducHER's shock.

"I was not only shocked and a little nervous for myself, which is why I went on TikTok to inform women. The last time we saw him, he was being arrested, so to see him back on the street is truly shocking," ProducHER told The Blast exclusively.

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"I don't know much about the law, but the only reason they would let someone out is if they don't have enough evidence. Maybe he wasn't the one punching women in the face, but he has recorded himself on multiple occasions harassing women in general."

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Skaboky Stora Was Arrested After Punching Halley Kate

Halley Kate on TikTok and man arrested for punching herTikTok | Halley Kate

Not long after influencer Halley reported being punched in the face to police, Stora was arrested.

In a video update, Halley shared that NYPD got surveillance footage from stores near where the scene of the crime occurred and Stora was arrested two days after the attack.

After originally revealing what happened to her in a viral TikTok video, many other women also reported being assaulted while walking down the street. While it's unclear if Stora punched any of the other women, Halley encourages anyone who was punched to report it to police immediately.

"I remembered barely anything and the police were still able to narrow it down," she continued. "That's the last and final update of this situation. Hopefully, girls out there stay safe."

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ProducHER Shared A Video To Warn Other Women In NYC To Stay Alert

The TikTok creator shared that she saw Stora "walking up and down Nostrand Avenue talking to himself." She then warned women walking around New York City to "be careful."

Many viewers of her video were thankful for the warning.

"That dude is not right! Thanks for the warning," one viewer wrote in the comments. Another added, "Oh he out? I'm glad you told us."

Some people even shared that they also saw him walking around the city.

"I just saw him today on the 5 train," one person wrote. Another said, "I saw him today on Flatbush."

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While Many Were Appreciative Of The Warning, There Was Some Unnecessary Negativity

In an update video, she shared the reason she decided to warn women that Stora is walking around Brooklyn as well as her confusion over people arguing in the comment section.

"I literally made that video to make sure that the women in my neighborhood were safe, and to just be on alert because I saw this guy," she said in her video.

"And then a lot of you guys are arguing with me about this guy not punching black women, he didn't assault black women, but if you went on his TikTok, you saw that's all he did. It's not on TikTok anymore, but that's all he did was get on TikTok to harass women."

While many viewers were appreciative of ProducHER sharing her information and warning, some people ran in a different direction.

"I was shocked that people were arguing in my comments. This goes to show you the internet is a very wild place," she told The Blast.

"You think you're doing good, but someone can see it as wrong and begin to bully you or other people in my comments. It was weird and almost made me second-guess my choice to post. I was very grateful to have all the positive comments and DM's from people."

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ProducHER Wants To Remind Women To Stay Alert And Aware Of Their Surroundings

ProducHER on TikTokTikTok | ProducHER_nyc

ProducHER was born and raised in New York and has always been told to stay aware of her surroundings, and now she's reminding others the same.

"I advise women to take the ear pods out or keep one in and turn them down so you can hear what's going on," she said. "Don't walk with your head down, which you shouldn't be doing anyway because you have to look when you're walking, but just be very aware because you never know when taking public transit or even walking nowadays."

She's also thankful for the reach TikTok has allowed in getting the word out about the dangers of not being alert and aware in public. With a possible TikTok ban looming, it's something on all creators' minds about how news will travel if the ban actually happens.

"At first, I didn't really care about the possible ban of TikTok because I did feel like we already have so many platforms. But what I have seen from TikTok is that the algorithm is so all over the place; you can reach anybody," she told The Blast.

"That's what I like about TikTok because you can truly have a bigger reach. And stay informed on things not on the news."