Tilda Swinton Reacts To Constantine 2 News, Reveals If She’ll Be In The Keanu Reeves Sequel

Tilda Swinton Reacts To Constantine 2 News, Reveals If She’ll Be In The Keanu Reeves Sequel

Though Tilda Swinton has an upcoming 2024 movie on the calendar with A24’s Problemista, news on another trippy endeavor would be heaven sent to her fans. Yes, I’m referring to that surprise Constantine 2 sequel that’s been in development since 2022; which Tilda was asked about in a recent interview. Her reaction spoke to whether or not she’ll be in the Keanu Reeves sequel, while also bringing up a fairly new rumor about what might happen in this new adventure. 

As she spoke with Inverse, the Doctor Strange vet addressed the matter of whether or not the villainous Gabriel would be returning head on. What she had to say is a bit of a bummer, but the twist Ms. Swinton’s comments take at the end are worth the ride: 

I’m sorry to have to tell you that I know nothing about this sequel except that I’ve heard it’s happening. Unless they’re very late in calling me, I don’t think Gabriel will be flapping his/her wings. I did hear a rumor, I don’t know if you heard it, that Keanu was going to play Gabriel. Which would be beautiful.

If there’s anything new to be heard about this hotly-anticipated sequel, Tilda Swinton doesn’t know it. With director Francis Lawrence’s last major Constantine 2 update suggesting that the script is still being worked out, there probably isn’t much to know at this point. However, that doesn’t explain the juicy rumor that Swinton contributed to the conversation; which could mean some pretty huge things for the future. 

Here's a short short history lesson for those of you who haven’t seen director Francis Lawrence’s Constantine in a while. Gabriel the Archangel (Tilda Swinton) became mortal at the end of the movie, and John Constantine (Keanu Reeves) was sent back to Earth by Lucifer (Peter Stormare), just as he was ascending to Heaven. Our lone protector was free to roam the streets protecting our world from those who’d try to unleash Hell on Earth, and any other threat in that realm. 

Now what Tilda is suggesting above seems to be that there could be a scenario where Gabriel changes form into its former foe in Constantine 2. Which, I have to agree, is “beautiful,” seeing as the only reason Lucifer let John go back to the world of the living was so he could prove that his soul “truly belongs in Hell.” What better way to tempt Keanu Reeves’ titular hero than to make a mockery of him through his past nemesis, who could use his form to try and convince the right people that the Vertigo Comics antihero is indeed hellbound?

Of course, the downside to Constantine’s ingenious twist is that we wouldn’t be seeing Tilda Swinton play the role again. Say what you will about the previous PG-13-rated film, but as you can see with the names I’ve mentioned here, the casting was absolutely on point. This only becomes doubly true when you throw Rachel Weisz and Djimon Hounsou into the mix as well.

At the moment, Constantine 2 is still fighting to emerge triumphant and in front of cameras, so who knows what’s going to happen next? In the meantime, perhaps this second variant of Gabriel will be a way of allowing Keanu Reeves to go blonde, pleasing comic fans and the John Wick star all at the same time. For all of you nostalgia demons who want to revisit the good old days right about now, Constantine is currently streaming with access to a Max subscription