Tom Cruise ‘Does Not Exist’ To Daughter Suri As She Turns 18: ‘She Doesn’t Want To Rely On Him’

Tom Cruise ‘Does Not Exist’ To Daughter Suri As She Turns 18: ‘She Doesn’t Want To Rely On Him’

Suri Cruise reportedly celebrated her eighteenth birthday today, while she remains estranged from her father, Hollywood star Tom Cruise, due to his Scientology ties.

However, Suri's bond with her mother, actress Katie Holmes, remains strong as they navigate life in New York. According to reports, Cruise, who is currently filming "Mission Impossible 8," no longer "exists" to his daughter, who "does not want to rely on him" for anything.

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Suri Cruise Turns 18 As She Remains Estranged From Her Father, Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise's Daughter Suri Is Reportedly Now 'Free To Talk' About Scientology As She Turns 18MEGA

The relationship strain between the father-daughter duo was reportedly caused by his devotion to the Church of Scientology, and now sources close to Suri have revealed that as she navigates her path into adulthood and considers her future career, one thing remains clear: her father, Cruise, "does not exist to her."

Although Suri has been estranged from her father for 12 years, her 18th birthday symbolizes the formal termination of legal ties with the actor, including his obligation to pay child support, reportedly totaling $400,000 annually.

However, financial incentives won't sway Suri to reconnect with her father, and sources who spoke to DailyMail affirmed that she remains steadfast in her decision.

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A source noted, "Suri will not have any contact with her father, despite being 18, and even if he called, she would not answer. He does not exist to Katie or Suri, and his daughter does not want to rely on him for anything."

"She feels that she has one parent, and that is her mother," they added.

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Suri Cruise Plans To Remain A 'Private Citizen'

Tom Cruise 'Does Not Exist' To Daughter Suri As She Turns 18: 'She Does Not Want To Rely On HimMEGA

Suri's strong bond with her mother is evident; they are inseparable. Holmes and her daughter are frequently seen together in New York, radiating joy as a mother-daughter duo.

While Suri shares many traits with her mother, such as a love for fashion, creativity, and striking looks, she reportedly has no intention of pursuing an acting career like Holmes or Cruise.

Insiders also suggested that although the 18-year-old hasn't finalized her plans, she seems committed to avoiding the traditional Hollywood path and prioritizes maintaining privacy, given her celebrity background.

A source revealed, "Suri's currently weighing up her options for the future. But she plans on remaining a private citizen."

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Additionally, while fashion piques her interest, insiders shared that Suri leans toward studying it at college, particularly in New York City, to stay close to her mother.

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Tom Cruise Once Said He Will Always Be There For His Children And 'Love Them'

Tom CruiseMEGA

Cruise's estrangement from his daughter is a sad ending to what began as a fairytale back in 2006 when the "Top Gun" actor confessed to Vanity Fair that he "always wanted to be a father."

"I always said to myself that my children would be able to depend on me and I would always be there for them and love them — that I'd never make a promise to my kids that I couldn't keep," the movie star said at the time.

He added, "I'm not one of those people who believe you can spoil a child with too much love. You can never give a child too much love. There's just no way."

Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes' Marriage

Tom Cruise's Daughter Suri Is Reportedly Now 'Free To Talk' About Scientology As She Turns 18MEGA

A year before Suri's birth in 2006, Cruise proclaimed his love for Holmes by jumping up and down on Oprah Winfrey's couch while on her talk show, "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in 2005.

Months later, the love birds exchanged vows in a grand ceremony, gracing the pages of Hello! magazine as Hollywood's newest power couple.

However, the glamor of their marriage soon faded, culminating in Homes filing for divorce just five and a half years later, a decision which reportedly caught Cruise off guard.

Suri, then a mere six years old, found herself thrust into the spotlight amid speculation surrounding her parents' split and Tom's affiliation with Scientology.

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Tom Cruise Reveals Katie Holmes Filed For Divorce 'To Protect Suri From Scientology'

The screening of MEGA

Following Cruise and Holmes' divorce, the actress was granted sole custody of their daughter, shielding her from the controversies of Scientology, while Cruise retained visitation rights.

However, despite his visitation rights, Cruise's sightings with Suri dwindled over the years, with reports of prolonged absences of more than 100 days throughout the year.

During a legal deposition against tabloid magazines in November 2013, Cruise reportedly admitted that Holmes had filed for divorce "to protect Suri from Scientology."

It is yet to be seen if the actor will make any attempts to reunite with his now-adult daughter.