Travis Scott Lands In More Legal Trouble Over Alleged Copyright & Artwork Theft

Travis Scott Lands In More Legal Trouble Over Alleged Copyright & Artwork Theft

It seems that the season of lawsuits is yet to end for Travis Scott as he once again lands in legal hot waters.

This time, the drama comes all the way from France as an artist claims Scott stole his artwork for an album cover.

Fans of the rap icon would be familiar with the cover art for his 2016 album. Well, it turns out the piece may not be so original after all.

French Artist Sues Travis Scott Over  Copyright & Artwork Theft

When Scott named his album cover “Travis La Flame” in 2016, he was likely not expecting to be under fire over the artwork. 

Per TMZ, Mickaël Mehala, known professionally as Black Childish, has sued the “Goosebumps” rapper for stealing his original artwork for his 2016 album.

Black Childish claims to have made the centaur painting in 2015 and sent it to Scott on Instagram the following year.

Mehala noted that the partner to Kylie Jenner never responded, so he was shocked to see his artwork as the official album cover, despite a lack of acknowledgment.

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Legal documents obtained by TMZ show that the Mehala filed for a copyright for the centaur painting in February 2019.

The French indigen also fruitlessly tried to contact Scott and his management team to no avail. In Summer 2019, he received a response.

Mehala claims the “Sicko Mode” artist’s lawyer said his client was not aware he was using art belonging to someone else. 

The lawsuit pointed out that the centaur images are no longer on platforms with the ‘La Flame’ title. Regardless, Black Childish is unmoved from his lawsuit stance.

In addition to taking Scott to court, the French artist is suing for hundreds of thousands of dollars and full ownership of the centaur piece.

Kylie Jenner’s Partner Faces $10 Billion Lawsuit Over Astroworld Tragedy

Mehala’s lawsuit may have to wait as Scott faces over 275 other charges following the tragedy in Houston’s Astroworld Festival. The incident led to numerous injuries and ten deaths.

The Blast shared that,  in addition to being charged hundreds of millions in damages, the 30-year-old was hit with a $10 billion lawsuit.

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Per the Houston Chronicle, the billion-dollar lawsuit is from attorney Brent Coon of Brent Coon & Associates against Scott, Drake, Live Nation, and other organizers.

Coon represents 1,547 clients from the festival. He called out the “Hats Off” artist for “down-playing” responsibility for what Dr. G Keith considers a preventable incident.

The musician’s attorney maintains that his client is not the one who caused the chaos at the show, and he is not to blame.

Families of the deceased such as 9-year-old Ezra Blout, 14-year-old John Hilgert, and 27-year-old Danish Baig, have also turned down Scott’s assistance in covering funeral costs.

The family of late Baig previously claimed that the “TKN” star offered to pay them $7,500 to cover the burial of the 27-year-old.

With a whopping $10 billion lawsuit from 1,547 clients from November’s Astroworld fest and another from a Mehala over artwork theft, Scott’s New Year may not be so happy.