Venus Williams Shares 11 Principles To Live By With Fans

Venus Williams Shares 11 Principles To Live By With Fans

Venus Williams is sharing how to become a champion!

One-half of the famous Williams Sisters, best known as one of the greatest female tennis players in history, recently revealed the standards necessary for a successful future.

In a promotional post for her wellness and activewear brand, EleVen, the entrepreneur, addressed the 11 principles needed to navigate this world, encouraging fans to break boundaries and become the best.

Venus Williams Pens Inspirational Post To Empower People On Their Wellness Journey

Williams is one of the first female athletes to redefine the world of women’s tennis, leaving permanent marks on the game with numerous achievements that made the 42-year-old an icon.

Aside from being a record breaker, the Lynwood native’s exemplary off-court activities caught the eye of millions worldwide, making the Grand Slam champion a role model for women and people of color.

In a recent update on her activewear’s Instagram page, the fashion designer shared a picture of herself rocking one of her brand’s outfits.

Venus Williams at 27th Annual Critics' Choice AwardsMEGA

The all-white sporty theme consisted of a short-sleeved top and matching shorts designed with a blue drawstring. Williams completed the look by holding a tennis racket and two balls, posing in front of a foliage backdrop.

In the accompanying caption, the Olympic gold medalist implored fans to click on the link on the brand’s bio to learn all about the 11 principles she lived by to be well and live life to the fullest.

According to the athlete, these tips would give people the strong foundation necessary to deliver 11 out of 10 daily, paving the way to a future of wellness and success.

The former world top ranker gave her followers a sneak peek at these rules on EleVen’s Instagram Stories, sharing two snaps of the 11 principles listed underneath black-and-white pictures of herself.

Like the initial post, these images came alongside a link to the in-depth article written on the fashion line’s website, where the 42-year-old discussed each of her lifelong standards.

In this lengthy message, the ESPN WTA Player of the Year explained that she felt motivated to penn these 11 principles after speaking to the 2021 graduating class at Vanderbilt University on the institution’s Senior Day.

Although the tennis pro was no stranger to having crowds of adoring fans watch her matches, standing in front of 4000 students was a different ball game.

The Lynwood native hoped to inspire these young adults with the tools that helped change her life during challenging times and decided to share this information with the rest of the world to achieve the same goal.

Monochrome Portrait of Venus WilliamsInstagram | elevenbyvenus

“I want to share with all the joy and sense of wellness and satisfaction that sport, being active, and chasing my dreams has given me,” Willimas wrote adding, “EleVen stands for constant improvement and empowerment.”

The 11 principles that shaped the Teen Choice Award winner’s life on and off the court are listed below:

  1. Live your dream: Set a purpose and realistic goals.

  2. Challenge yourself: The idea is to be better every day.

  3. Cultivate self-confidence: Confidence is earned; no one is born with it.

  4. Perseverance: Never give up in the face of adversity.

  5. Embrace change: Development comes with change.

  6. Growth: Stay relevant with continual growth.

  7. Health first.

  8. Build a team: Remember that no one can achieve success alone.

  9. Empower others: Leave a legacy by giving back to the community and being of service to others.

  10. Positivity: Finding the good even in difficult situations.

  11. Live joyfully: Focus on creating happy memories while working on goals.

The ‘Game On!’ Star Credited Her Mother’s Teachings In The Fight For Equal Wages

The Blast previously reported that one-half of the Williams Sisters opened up about her mother, Oracene Price’s influence on her for equal pay in tennis.

After making her Wimbledon debut at 16, the then-teenager discovered that male and female athletes were given different wages despite their hard work and competition training.

This tradition did not sit well with the Lynwood native, whose mother had instilled the values of a strong woman in Williams from a young age.

At 25, the WTA champion took matters into her hands by publicly advocating for the wage gap reduction. This campaign took seven years after her maiden Wimbledon victory before coming to fruition.