Viral TikTok Has Zendaya Showing Off Her Best ‘Serve’ On The Red Carpet, And Fans Are Living For It

Viral TikTok Has Zendaya Showing Off Her Best ‘Serve’ On The Red Carpet, And Fans Are Living For It

The upcoming sports film Challengers is set to show Zendaya taking on a different kind of role. Not only will her character, Tashi, navigate a love triangle involving two other tennis players, but she'll also show off some athleticism on the court. With that, the character has an excellent "serve." On the red carpet though, the Golden Globe winner also recently gave fans a taste of her best “serve," and fans are downright loving it.

At the UK premiere of Challengers, Zendaya brought her own type of A-game while walking the red carpet. The Euphoria actress gave tennis net in the best possible way, as she wore a pleated netted skirt and fabric with tennis racquets all over it. In between slaying the crowd with her method dressing and adorably waving at BF Tom Holland while at the event, the A-lister was asked by a reporter to show off her best serve impression. She did just that, though it may not have been exactly what the interviewer was expecting. Watch this viral TikTok below of the Emmy winner’s answer to this question in the best way she knew how:

Now, that’s a serve we can all appreciate! The fashionista always knows how to create a moment on the red carpet, specifically when it comes to "serving" up a look. Also, why perform a cheesy tennis move during the premiere when the Spider-Man: No Way Home actress has an original move of her own to wow us with? I’m not the only one whose day was made seeing the star bring her own prowess to the premiere. TikTok users were living for the former Disney Channel star’s “serve," and you can see their comments below:

  • My girl always serves ???? - Shrina☺️
  • That face card NEVER declines mama - P
  • I mean.... As always, iconic. - explain.the.joke
  • Zendaya will forever be that girl. - Jayme Hammond
  • @kaylee SHE HEARD SERVE AND KNEW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO ???????????? - Diego<3

You love to see all off the fan support for the actress, and I'd imagine that many of them will be seated in theaters when her latest flick opens. While the actress-singer has already been lauded for her convincing performance as a tennis prodigy, filming the production wasn't always easy for her. Zendaya admitted she hated working out in preparation for her Challengers role. But, since her character is supposed to be a tennis pro, she knew that meant getting into shape like one. Luckily, the Greatest Showman actress had a team of people there to help her in that department.

With all of that training she did for the movie, one has to wonder if she's not so eager to perform any additional tennis poses or moves. We can leave that to her co-star, Mike Faist, whose training came more naturally for him compared to his co-stars. 

Tashi probably would have chosen to show her best tennis serve on the red carpet. But consider me impressed that Zendaya herself gave us a flavor of her own by striking a pose that's taking TikTok by storm. If you’re all the more psyched to see what critics are calling a “blisteringly sexy” grand slam, know that Challengers hits theaters on April 26 as part of the 2024 movie schedule.