Watch Eddie Murphy Grill Jonah Hill In Netflix's Hilariously Cringey You People Clip

Watch Eddie Murphy Grill Jonah Hill In Netflix's Hilariously Cringey You People Clip

Jonah Hill has joined forces with a number of formidable comedic actors over the years, including Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen and Steve Carrell. And his latest flick is going to pair him with a true Hollywood titan in the form of Eddie Murphy. Hill and Murphy teamed up for Netflix’s You People, which comes from the mind of director, writer and producer Kenya Barris. Not much has been released in terms of footage when it comes to the 2023 movie release. However, the streamer has now released a clip that shows Murphy’s character grilling Hill’s, and it’s hilariously cringey

The snippet of footage shows Jonah Hill’s yet-to-be-named character having a meet-up with his prospective in-laws, played by Eddie Murphy and Nia Long. The three meet up at a Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, where it doesn’t take long for things to get awkward. After Hill attempts to break the ice, Murphy asks whether the young man hangs out in the hood frequently or if he only comes by to indulge in the Black community’s “food and women.” That sets the tone for the chat, as the seemingly well-to-do guy tries to ask the unimpressed parents’ permission for their daughter’s hand in marriage. 

The discussion eventually turns to the topic of children, which is when the Superbad alum’s character proceeds to hype up people who are biracial. He even offers up some examples of “really awesome” mixed race individuals like Mariah Carey and Derek Jeter, but what really makes his girlfriend’s folks uncomfortable is when he adds in the “GOAT”: Malcolm X. While the entire clip only includes this single scene, it really sets the tone for the cringe humor that the film will employ.

You People tells the story of a young couple (played by Lauren London and the aforementioned Jonah Hill) who, after falling in love, must contend with their cultural differences. It’s also apparent that other people in their orbit will be drawn into their growing romance as well. In addition to Eddie Murphy and Nia Long, Hill and London are joined by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mike Epps, Deon Cole, David Duchovny and Rhea Perlman. Hill penned the script alongside director Kenya Barris, and both also serve as producers alongside Kevin Misher. 

You People is set to premiere (opens in new tab) on January 27, so you’ll want to grab a Netflix subscription if you plan on checking it out.

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