Watching The Cast Of 9-1-1 Hilariously Attempt Oliver Stark’s British Accent In A Viral TikTok Highlighted Something I Really Want More Of In Season 8

Watching The Cast Of 9-1-1 Hilariously Attempt Oliver Stark’s British Accent In A Viral TikTok Highlighted Something I Really Want More Of In Season 8

While 9-1-1 is on hiatus following its twisted Season 7 finale, it’s never too early to speculate about what could come next. The show had a successful move to ABC, and fans are itching for more. So, while we wait for Season 8, the series is keeping viewers occupied by showing off some behind-the-scenes videos, including one that is going viral with the cast imitating Oliver Stark’s British accent. Now, it's got me hoping for more chaotic humor like this in the upcoming season.

Posted by the official 9-1-1 TikTok page, Stark, Aisha Hinds, Anirudh Pisharody, Ryan Guzman, Kenneth Choi, and Peter Krause played a game called “Rate My British Accent,” with the only true Brit, Stark, judging how his co-stars did. Between last-minute competitors and a claim that Stark wasn’t British, not to mention the constant laughs, it was truly one of the more chaotic videos I have seen:

There have been chaotic BTS videos before of the cast, but this one definitely takes the cake. So much so that I almost believed Hinds when she said she was the British one. It just shows how fun it is filming 9-1-1, even though the subject matter of the show can be quite serious and intense, such as the cruise ship disaster.

That being said, I really hope that this chaotic energy continues in Season 8 on camera. While 9-1-1 can have its comedic moments, it really has been a while since the 118 had some fun scenes together.

Every once in a while, the series will come out with a fun filler episode, such as Season 2’s “Dope” and Season 4’s “Jinx.” Since Season 7 only had 10 episodes due to the strikes, there wasn’t really any time for filler episodes. However, the show also did do a crossover with The Bachelor, so it would be fun to see if any other ABC crossovers are a possibility. Basically, what I'm saying is this cast is so funny together, and their chemistry flies off the screen, so I hope that gets translated to the upcoming season's story.

As of now, it’s unknown how many episodes Season 8 will be getting, but an average season of 9-1-1 gets 18. It’s likely the formula will stay the same, pending any major delays, but with the show now on ABC, it’s hard to tell what will happen. If there aren’t any fun filler episodes, at the very least, the 118 should definitely have some fun moments together. They have had too many tragedies over the years and near-death experiences. It may be asking a lot, especially for a procedural, but I'd love for Season 8 to balance these serious storylines with a little bit of silliness.

A premiere date has yet to be announced for the upcoming season of 9-1-1, but it will be airing on ABC this fall as part of the 2024 TV schedule. In addition, filming should be starting soon, meaning that, even if the chaotic energy isn’t brought on camera, there will surely be many more silly BTS videos to come, which is better than nothing.

To get caught up on 9-1-1 before Season 8's premiere, you can stream it with a Hulu subscription.